When Google Dies – Is Google Optimization Already Dead?

Ever since Google’s inception, they have tweaked their algorithm. As Google progressed webmasters began wetting their pants. The Florida update in ’03 particularly caused massive diarrhea.

Since then, Google has introduced many “spam” catching techniques including rel nofollow, the minus thirty penalty and the ever illusive trust rank. Search engine optimizers have been on their heels just waiting for their site to be the next thrown off the horse google优化.

Have you even tried searching on Google lately? Anything longer than two keywords and Google throws up in your face. They even admitted their need to hand edit their results (just ask John Chow).

So what’s going on? FUD. Fear, Uncertainly and Doubt. As webmasters, we don’t know what Google is going to do next. We can always predict, try to stay as “white hat” as possible and still there is the possibility of getting the dreaded ax. So what are we to do?

Answer: Not worry about Google.

Guys like John Chow, Jeremy Shoemaker, and Problogger find it easy to do without Google, all receive only a small portion of their traffic from Google. But what are the smaller guys suppose to do?

Although it may not come nearly as easy, small bloggers have a great chance at succeeding without Google. Social networking along with other social media sites are here to stay and are only in their beginning phase. Digg, StumbleUpon and even Reddit give huge amounts of traffic and though it doesn’t entirely stay, RSS readership and links increase substantially.

Finding non-search engine ways to succeed is what makes running a website so exciting in 2008 and beyond. Find what you are good at, do it and remember to contribute as much as possible to the blogosphere. This is how to live in the world of web 2.0.

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