Weight Loss The Sensible Way – The Proven “Seven Keys To Success”

Starvation. “Survival Mode”
Starve the body too much, and it will go into “survival mode”, this slower metabolic state has been a part of human DNA for thousands of years. This “survival mode” was necessary for early man to survive when food was not so readily available. Fat storage has evolved to a much higher degree in bears where the fat storage must last them an entire winter, the slower metabolic rate of the bear is the reason they can go so long without food. The human body metabolism will also slow down in “survival mode” allowing the body to function longer without any food. The negative effects of starvation is that you’ll feel irritable, weakened and less alert. The body will lose fat and muscle in “survival mode” as the body will begin to devour itself. The chance of regaining loss weight with starvation is greatly increased as the body will store nearly all the food you eat as fat and burn it gradually in the “survival mode” condition. Therefore not only will you continue to feel run down, you will also gain weight faster when most of the food you eat is converted to fat and stored while in “survival mode”. A sensible weight loss program will always include healthy food choices but cutting calories drastically with starvation will end up giving you the opposite results that you want. Plus the negative effects of starvation will be reason enough not to continue this ineffective and dangerous way to lose weight.

Exercise: “Fat Burning Mode”
Exercise is the only sure way to make weight loss permanent, when combined with a healthy diet it is the one two punch required to battle the bulge effectively.The calorie equation is simple, calories in must equal calories out to have no weight gain. Increase calories that you take in and the excess calories are then stored as fat. Exercise does not mean you have to over exert yourself at the gym, a sensible exercise routine can be an activity that you enjoy and that you don’t mind making a part of your everyday routine. For example, I enjoy walking my dog for 4 km a day, it clears my head as I listen to music while I walk, the dog really enjoys it and that gives me a good reason to do it. It’s does not take too long or cost anything to be effective, the best exercise is usually free, the benefits however are priceless. The calories burned here will help boost metabolism and keep the body in “fat burning mode”. The physical benefits of this activity will include a strong heart and better cardiovascular performance and muscle tone. These benefits will affect your attitude and energy levels in a positive way, it also allows us to cope better with the pressures and stress in our lives. Exercise is a necessary part of any effective weight loss program and healthy life and should always be a part of your life no matter what age you are. Although muscle tone is achieve through resistance training, most people find it too boring to include it has a regular routine and usually lose interest Revitaa pro in a short while. I myself enjoy squash, it is a game that can be played all year long and offer many benefits for the body including, speed, agility, improved reflexes and muscle tone. It is truly a game for life, it’s fun and engaging and the workout is intense and certainly not boring as the mental aspect of the game is huge.It sharpens you reflexes which also sharpens your mind.My point here is to find a sport or activity that is easily arranged (not a team sport) and commit yourself to it.

Metabolism: “Controlled Calorie Burn”
Metabolism is your body’s natural ability to burn the energy contained in food, high metabolism means more calories burned while low metabolism means an increased chance of being overweight, the unburned calories are stored as fat in the body. To burn more calories and body fat you will need to tap into your body’s natural metabolism cycle. Once you do this you can manipulate it into working overtime and trick it into burning the stored fat. This can be achieved by eating many small healthy food snacks throughout the day when hunger hits. Carrots, Celery as well as cucumber and cherry tomatoes make great low calorie “metabolism boosting” foods. When theses foods are digested and the body begins it’s metabolism of the food energy the lower calorie content of these foods “tricks” the metabolism into burning fat for the additional calories the body requires for natural body functions. The body will then start burning the calories stored in the fat of the body as an alternate source of fuel for metabolism, hence the fat loss will begin without you even knowing it.Other metabolism building foods include, fresh fruit, yogurt, popcorn, rice cakes and unsalted nuts. These foods essentially prime the “fat burning” system that we all have, a healthy food snacks are a vital part of most weight loss programs, this is what is meant by a “Controlled Calorie” Burn. Whenever you get hungry this is your opportunity to kick start the fat burning process and trick the body into this “Controlled Calorie Burn” with the method mentioned above.

Smaller Meal Portions:
Make yourself smaller portions at mealtimes and eat them slower. The eating experience will be more pleasurable as you will be savor every bite that much more. Drinking a full 12 oz glass of water before your meals will certainly take the edge off your hunger and allow you to feel full at the end of this smaller meal instead of wanting for more. The smaller portion will not leave you hungry and will continue to implement your “Controlled Calorie Burn” method even at mealtimes. I find that brushing my teeth or chewing gum immediately after finishing a meal tricks your brain into thinking that food consumption is finished and now my thoughts are diverted to other things.It’s a great way to trick your brain and limit your cravings for food.

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