Vinyl Record Shelf Types – From Storing Collectible Vinyl Records To Hip Hop Albums On The Go

The recent popularity of vinyl long play records comes from several sources. One might be the recent “vintage” status of vinyl LP records, as we are now are at least two generations removed from their heyday. Historically, the LP records were at the height of their popularity in the 1980s, then replaced to a large degree by the cassette tape, and, even more so later on by the CD and the mp3 or other compressed digital music formats and related mp3 players. The other source of the popularity of the vinyl records is the popularity of the rap music and its successor hip hop. The DJs who play this kind of music are famous for their sound manipulations such as “scratches”, and transitions from one song to the other, which can only be properly implemented manually, using two turntables with vinyl LP records playing on both of them simultaneously.

Each of the sources of the vinyl music popularity has its own vinyl record shelf storage needs. Consequently, the vinyl record shelves demand has been on the rise recently, as has been the demand for portable LP storage cabinets. Let’s consider what types of vinyl record storage might be the most suitable for the collectible vinyl records and for storing hip hop and rap albums on the go.

Requirements for storing collectible vinyl albums

When determining vinyl record value, it is not only the age, the performer, and the rarity of the album that determines the final price, but it is also the condition in which the collectible LP record is in. So the vinyl LP record sellers, buyers, and collectors are paying much attention to keeping their vinyl cd long play record collection in the safe containers, safe from the thieves, as well as safe from the dust, sunrays, and other external influences that could impact the quality of the vinyl record itself, or the quality of the album sleeve.

Depending on whether the LP album collector will bring their collection to exhibitions, or swap-meets, there are two types of vinyl LP secure storage that will suit them, portable and fixed. As for portable vinyl LP storage, we recommend record cabinet with injected mold sturdy plastic design with secure and lockable doors, and a set of caster wheels. Such sturdy construction will enable both the mobility of the collection as well as protection from the intruders and from the elements.

Storing rap and hip hop vinyl albums for DJs on the go

As DJs are performing at ever changing venues, they need portable and robust storage for their hip hop and rap LP albums they need in their performances. For safety and portability, again, sturdy plastic cabinets with LP shelves of appropriate size, with strong and lockable front doors, and a set of four caster wheels will be a good choice of vinyl records storage for them.

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