Tips for Choosing the Right Video Conferencing Equipment

Most of us have seen or used video conferencing at work or even used a free video chat tool like Skype or Google Hangouts. But when it comes to choosing video conferencing AV Integrator rooms for your business there is lot more to think about.

When video is deployed across a business there are different solutions to fit different requirements.

Boardroom / Meeting Room Application

For a boardroom or meeting room application you’ll need to consider the following points:

1. Research before setting a budget – Speak to businesses who use video. Find out what they spent on their solution. Too often do businesses believe a video solution can be purchased at next to nothing and still deliver a high quality experience.

2. Identify what features you’ll need – Knowing what features you’ll need is important. A solution that delivers point-to-point calls won’t be as costly as a solution that is designed to support multi-party video calls. Most video solutions have the ability to share presentations and documents. Some systems allow a document camera to be attached so that high quality closed-up live images can be shared of products, garments, etc.

3. Number of participants – For all participants to be visible on a video call a video solution that’s designed for right number of people must be used along with the correct furniture. There systems designed for individual use, for two to four people, four to six, and even 10+. For meeting room applications with more than 4 people ideally a curved table should be used to avoid participants having to lean forwards when looking at the video screen.

4. Viewing experience of all participants – Screen size is very important. People viewing the screen need to see video participant’s facial expressions, hand gestures, and potentially shared presentations and data. Using a 32 inch screen in a room with ten participants will deliver a poor user experience.

5. Who will your business be calling – If your business wants to conduct video calls to other businesses the likelihood is they will use standards based video conferencing equipment. Talk to the people you will be calling and ask their opinion of the equipment they use. Be sure to be using video

6. Group participation – The correct type and number of microphones must be used to ensure all participants can join the conversation and be heard clearly. Without the correct microphone setup participants won’t be heard by far end participants.

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