Supermarket Shopping Frustration

As mom to a one year old I don’t get much time for myself at the moment. And when I do, I just veg wherever I dropped. Balancing life’s needs (shopping, waking up early and generally speaking being sociable, bearable and agreeable) against my urge to binge on chocolate and phone in sick every other day is a tough act.

To patch up my physical appearance I use mostly my favourite Trinny and Susannah freshening up tip: “put on some mascara”. It may be a bit pointless when my hair is a mess, I’m wearing sports shoes and a company shirt, but I hope people can notice the touch-up and appreciate the effort. And if they don’t, I know I do.

With this is mind, fitting a supermarket-shopping trip within my full-time-working-mom schedule is a bit tricky to say the least. I’m not a fan of dragging a screaming baby between isles of supermarket’s own, so I usually try to sort out a baby sitter, which I pull off at the last moment. Then I throw on a fresh haenim uv機 change of clothes (the ones I was wearing before probably got covered in baby food and slobber within 5 minutes of wearing them) straight from the dryer. And off I go to the supermarket to race through with a list in my hand, hoping I won’t bump into anyone I know.

And there they are. At least two spotted out of the corner of me eye, while I’m loading the trolley with a couple of bottles of olive oil. Perfect outfit – fashionable, neat and smart. Not a hair out of place. Balanced and composed on their stilettos, reading a label for some non-fat top healthy food like yoghurt or nuts. Where do these women come from? Have they just popped in on their way home from their makeover / photo shoot session? They seem out of place to me, or maybe I am the one who is out of place?

I simply can’t comprehend how someone can keep such an immaculately glamorous image while being in such a trivial, down to earth place. Do they spend hours preparing for this shopping trip or do they naturally look like this all the time? And if they can pull this off, why can’t I? How do you achieve a hairdo that frames your face perfectly, with the right colour and texture? And not only that, but accompanied by the make-up and the perfectly fitting bra and the skinny jeans without love handles above the waist line and the tantalising perfume that grabs you and the bag that always seems like a good idea when I see it on them but I could never use myself…

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