Seeing an Anxiety Psychologist – Great Tips to Find the Right Person For the Job

An anxiety psychologist is very helpful in giving precise


judgments regarding a patient’s situation. The following are tips in finding the correct anxiety psychologist. Not every psychologist can be good enough for every single disorder.

o First, if you can talk to a general psychologist, or a mental health professional, discuss with him or her everything that you are experiencing. The first step is to know the specific type of anxiety disorder that you are suffering from. Once you already the particular disorder type, look for an anxiety psychologist who is an expert, or at least took a field of study that is related to your condition. As much as possible, find a credible psychologist. Ask your friends if they know someone, or ask your doctor/s if they can refer some names. Another way is to find the practices or therapies being used nowadays, internet is a good reference. After that, you can better find someone since not only you know the disorder type; you also have an idea of what type/s of therapy you would prefer.

o If possible, try to get more than two names of psychologists. You wouldn’t want to go back to step 1 again and again every time you find that you and the psychologist will not be able to work together..

o Once you have found one, always keep in mind that in order for you to get treated, you need to be honest. Indeed, honesty is the moist critical factor here. You will be discussing not only the symptoms you are suffering from; you will also talk about the cause or causes, in full details. And this means that you will have to open the most private memories, concerns, and/or worries to him or her. You have to trust him or her, as he or she trusts you and your honesty.

o When listening to your psychologist, see if you have established rapport, after the third session. In case you feel like he doesn’t get it, or he doesn’t understand what you are going through, maybe you have to “shop” around for another psychologist. Also, if the psychologist’s therapy suggestions are not your type, or your choice, or if you simply find their personality to be pleasant, then you have to realize you still haven’t met your psychologist. In order to be honest, you have to be comfortable talking to your psychologist.

The tips discussed above are intended to help those who have no idea of what to do. Finding a psychologist may prove to take time, but at least you will be assured to get better.
As for finding that certain psychologist whom you can work well with together, it would be better if he or she is referred by your doctor. Why? It is best if an anxiety psychologist’s analysis and recommendations are compared with, and should be supported by your health specialist. The recommendations of your anxiety psychologist will be your ways in coping from anxiety, thus it is important that you are sure that the recommendations will not have any negative effects on you.


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