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Sean Dillingham Hollywood IMDB Acting Setlife Actors

Sean Dillingham is a famous British actor. He has appeared in such films as Love Actually, Bruce Almighty, and The DaVinci Code. Dillingham is best known for his role as the cynical British official in the TV series The Firm. This role earned him a Golden Globe nomination, as well as winning him an Academy Award for his work in the film. To date, Sean Dillingham continues to play the same character in the British television series.

Sean Dillingham Hollywood IMDB Acting Setlife ActorsLife


If you want to learn more about Sean Dillingham, the first place to look is Hollywood IMDB. On this site, visitors can find many information about actors who have portrayed similar roles in Hollywood. For example, if one wants to know more about Michael Gambon, they would type in his name. The site also provides photos of Dillingham, as well as some biographical information about his life and career.

Of course, it is not only in Hollywood that actors are listed here. Many actors have come from other parts of the world to hone their acting skills. Take, for example, Jamie Fox. Born in England, Fox has been nominated for an Academy Award for his performances in both The Pursuit of Happyness and World War II: Battle of the Bulge.

Sean Dillingham fits into the category of many Hollywood IMDB acting actors. This is due primarily to the fact that Dillingham has been in such high demand as of late. This has caused the actor to rise in the ranks of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. His pay rate has been reported to be in the six figure range. This, coupled with his many films, has made Dillingham one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood Sean Dillingham Hollywood IMDB Acting Setlife ActorsLife.

For those who may not be familiar with Sean Dillingham, he was born in England but has lived and worked most of his life in the United States. He has many ties to the country, most notably being a naturalized US citizen. He holds dual citizenship in the United States and England. His mother is British and his father is American. As such, Sean Dillingham is an American citizen by birth. His mother’s family is said to have played a major role in his eventual decision to come to the United States.

Now, that Sean Dillingham is in Hollywood, what sort of role might fit his talents? There are many Dillingham roles that have been proposed over the past few weeks. He has been suggested as a love interest for Angelina Jolie and has been seen in a leading role in the movie Kingpin. More roles should continue to surface as his acting repertoire continues to grow. It is no secret that Hollywood is taking notice of Sean Dillingham.

To make your own list of Hollywood IMDB acting audition suggestions, spend some time looking through the many roles that Sean Dillingham has played over the past several years. Pay attention to movies like Pleasantville and Meet The Parents. Look at some of his TV appearances on shows like Wheel Of Fortune. You may even want to see some of his many films that have been released over the past few years, including such movies as Edward Scissorhands and The Damned United. This list will continue to grow as he gets further known in the entertainment world.

The good news is that Sean Dillingham is one of the best actors in Hollywood today. He is versatile, entertaining and handsome. You should do your research on Sean Dillingham Hollywood IMDB acting auditions and see what kind of roles he is getting called for. If you like what you see, head down to the L.A. area to see him in concert or head on over to the Comfort Station to see him in action onscreen.

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