S and P Seismic Wave Reflection Barrier

Some Science Fiction authors have written about future technologies, which could predict Earthquakes, many scientists do believe this may some day be possible. Few have ever written of technologies in the future, which might deflect Earthquakes once they start. It is for that reason, I would like to throw out an idea, which is not possible now but very well could be sometimes in the distant future. Earthquakes cause seismic waves; these waves pack a wallop indeed. Common Earthquake waves are S and P Waves.

Nano tube sheets going down several miles along major faults could be put into trenches and filled with water on either side. As the S and P waves hit the nano tube sheets they would flex with the waves but reflect them rather than allowing them to pass สมัครแทงหวย. I propose that these nano tube sheet be set up like giant fence reflectors between flexible concrete with water and sand between like giant shock absorbers. They will keep the S and P waves away from the surface where humans live. Is it therefore possible to build a barrier to protect our cities and infrastructure? Perhaps this might not work, or maybe it will, but it is a place we need to be thinking. If we can build a 350-mile levee system, floating airports and buildings, which can withstand a Category V Hurricane or a Super Typhoon, what makes you think we cannot stop Earthquakes from disrupting our civilization?

Mankind has been over coming his environment for as long as written history of the species? If it is possible to stop Earthquakes, then we ought do a little research and see what our most brilliant minds can come up with. Think on this.

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