Natural Alternatives to Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers

Everyone is concerned about flu season


this year, wondering what illnesses the coming months will bring. One of the most common ways to prevent the spread of germs is by keeping your hands clean. Alcohol and chemical laden hand sanitizers are everywhere. Manufacturers have added more chemicals to offset the drying nature of the alcohol. Some hand sanitizers even have known harmful toxins like parabens (Linked with hormone disruption) listed in their ingredients. Therapeutic essential oils offer a great chemical-free alternative in hand sanitization.

Essential oils have been used since the beginning of time as medicine. Plants and their extracts were man’s first modalities of healing the body. Their usage has been documented throughout history from hundreds of biblical scriptures to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. Over the past century, they have become adultered – diluted, synthesized and added with chemical fillers. These alterations have decreased, or eliminated entirely, any therapeutic value to the plant oils that nature intended. The only purpose adultered oils serve is for fragrance, which for many individuals is actually toxic, often resulting in headaches, nausea and even vomiting.

Pure plant extracts that have been processed properly, on the other hand, offer amazing benefits to the human body. Many pure essential oils in their most potent state have strong anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. Bacteria cannot mutate against these natural substances because they contain hundreds of constituents that can vary by slight amounts depending on the growing season and even the growing location. Many bacteria can be killed on contact by pure essential oils that have not been diluted or altered. There are several oils in particular that have strong anti-bacterial properties.


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