Mobile Recycling – Different Ways to Reuse Or Recycle and Help the Environment

In 2007 its been estimated that over 1 billion mobile handsets were sold worldwide with at least 55 million of these being sold in the UK, 2010s figure will be even higher. Once people have had their phones for around 18 months they will upgrade to the latest model that has new features on but what happens to all the old handsets, there must be millions knocking about in people’s homes and offices.

Some people may re-use their old mobile handsets by selling them onto friends and family, some are auctioned online using sites like eBay, some are recycled and unfortunately some are thrown in the bin only to end up clogging up the world’s landfill sites.

When mobile phone are thrown in the bin and are taken to landfill they will sit in the soil for hundreds of years before fully breaking down. The batteries inside the phones are also made out of harmful chemicals and lethal acid which will leach causing huge problems for the environment and kill any living creatures in the area.

What Can I Do?

Once your contract ends or you decide its time to buy a new phone the best thing to do with your old phone is to recycle it for a cash payment. Mobile recycling sites are becoming  電腦回收上門 extremely popular and most have hundreds of thousands of mobile handsets set in from across the UK every month.

It’s easy to get started simply find a site that lists all the mobile recycling sites or do a quick search online to find a whole load of recycling sites. Search through each mobile recycler to find the best price for your old mobile phone. Once you have found a price you are happy with, register your details and send in your handset using the address provided. Once the mobile recycling site receives your old phone your payment will be sent out either straight into your bank, via cheque or by PayPal within a matter of days.

These specialised mobile recycling sites will only need the handset and battery from you so you won’t need to search for the box and all the accessories. Many mobile recyclers will also accept non working handsets and still offer you up to 80% of the working price.

Others Ways to Reuse or Recycle

Many high street phone shops will also take back your old mobiles in return for either money off the latest model or a cash payment. Another port of call would be eBay but you may find that you need all the accessories and box in order to get a good price.

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