Mobile Phones – On the Ascending Scale of Progress

In this fast pacing world, when everyone needs to be agile and prompt in whatever they do, gadgets are the perfect and unavoidable companions for them. Mobile phones have grown from mere communication devices to full-fledged assistants packing with them a host of features which make them seemingly inevitable parts of our lives.

It is quite strange and ironic but at the same time true that most of us don’t remember when was the last time we bought a pen or a radio or a camera, for that matter. A recent survey brought into light some astonishing facts that clearly prove that the civilisation is moving towards an all new and a totally mechanical era, a ‘push-button’ era. As the name itself explains, the human race has reached a stage where everything is done with a mere press or a push of a button. Mobile phones are, undoubtedly, the largest contributors in the process of bringing us up here.

The modern age mobile phones bundle inside them practically a mobile user’s entire world, the digital notepads, the built-in media players, the integrated digital cameras, the scheduler, Web access, document readers, FM radio, the smile of your beloved, the moments of glee and gloom….the end of the list goes too far. Where is the need of a notepad, pen, camera or radio? Mobile phones are the smallest tools which store a huge expanse of your personal and professional needs.

Just when we start thinking that old-age mobile phones are too saturated to stuff a single more utility into them, a new innovation arrives to prove us wrong with scores of unheard and unforeseen features. The new mobile phones are way too futuristic when compared to the first few plastic brick pieces which took birth as a boom in technology and were the assets of a handful of luxurious, cream class of the society. These custom business card printing mobile phones are no less than iconic fashion figures and receive the same anticipation before their arrival and appreciation after their display as the super-models get.

The cost-effective and robust – Nokia, the icon of style – Samsung, the innovative – Sony Ericsson, the extraordinary – LG are some of the world leaders in mobile phone markets who keep on shaping new members of their hierarchy which are as impressive as the others who preceded. The air gets thick with anticipation when the announcement of the arrival of a new mobile phone is made.

The customers might expect a bunch of few more devices going out-of-job as the high end handsets are coming soon. Mobile phones were never items of so much craze as they have become now. Analysing phones on their utilities, battery power, features, memory space, speed, Web access capability have become a hobby for many and a profession for even more.

The extent to which mobile phones have seeped into the realms of human society is visible by the fact that major fashion world tycoons are attaching their names with the handset models. Dolce & Gabbana , Dior, Swarovski , Prada, Armani and Christian Siriano are just few names who have chosen the mobile market to open a new front for fashion. To top that, the Italian luggage maker Mandarina Duck, the high street retailer, Ted Baker, the denim brand Levi’s, and even the car company Porsche have decided to try their hands at the mobile phone designing industry. The coming soon mobile phones category is full of names from the top brands of the world.

The Nokia 3600 slide, HTC Touch 3G, Blackberry pearl Flip 34, Sony Ericsson G705, LG KB770, Nokia Supernova are some of the coming soon mobile phones that are all set to hit the mobile market with full fervour.

The accessories and embedded utilities that come along with the mobile phones these days are also getting higher and higher in their potent.
The Bluetooth has moved higher from V1.1 to V2.0. GPRS gives a more efficient deliverance as it now comes in Class 32.

The coming soon mobile phones category undoubtedly carries lots of surprises for us as technology is ascending on the ladder of progress and the mobile phone craze doesn’t seem to settle till a new bigger invention.


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