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Match Dating Site – Its History and Success is one of the internet’s most popular online dating facilities. It currently boasts over 20 million members worldwide with offices all over the world – London, Paris, Tokyo, Beijing just to name a few. The headquarters are in America. They have two tiers of membership so its members can either sign up for a free limited membership or subscribe to the full paid service 相睇. currently has over 1.35 million paying subscribers causing it to be pulling in more revenue than any of its competitors. In fact, currently holds the 2004 Guinness world record for being the single largest online dating website.

Its inception came in 1993, placing the company at only 17 years of age. It was championed by Mr. Gary Kremen, but was initially designed as a classified ads website similar to but specific to electronics 香港婚姻介紹所. It wasn’t until 1995 that aired as a free to join beta version in a format similar to the one that they currently run.

One of the main things that helped get to where they are now is the way that they appealed to women, with the philosophy that if they got enough women to use the site, men would soon follow. They currently hold a healthy 49:51 male: female ratio which truly sets them apart from others hk matchmaker. Interestingly enough, they were sued in 2005 for employing certain people as ‘date-bait’. Their job was supposedly to send flirty emails to entice other users and promote the idea that the site was working. They were meant to be paid to go on a set number of dates a year. However, this lawsuit was soon dropped when the charges were found to be baseless.

Another point of controversy was their automatic credit card renewal service. When a membership had run out, they would automatically renew the membership via credit card. This came under criticism as it seemed as if they were locking unsuspecting members into renewing their contracts. Unless someone had expressed a desire not to renew their contract, it was renewed for them automatically. No negative action has been taken against and many would argue that it is this efficiency that puts them on the map above the competition in the online dating franchise.

So it seems that is a clear competitor for the title of current best online dating service, and wins the title of most popular service hands down.

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