Infected Split Lip That Won’t Heal – It’s Likely To Be Angular Cheilitis

If you have an infected split lip that just won’t heal, then chances are that this is causing you extreme pain. Any condition which affects the area around the mouth can be very keravita pro painful as the tiny splits and cracks keep reopening when we eat, speak and drink.

There is a very good reason why splits on the lip can seem slow to heal and this is because they are often fungal or bacterial in nature and a result of the common condition known as angular cheilitis.

Angular cheilitis usually starts by regular wetting or dampening of the area around the lip area. This can happen due to drooling from the mouth edges caused by wearing dentures or a brace which doesn’t fit properly. It can also be due to dribbling caused by persistent nail biting or pen chewing. In some people, angular cheilitis is triggered by a vitamin B and/or iron deficiency.

Once the infection takes hold, an infected split lip can seem impossible to heal and looking at the underlying causes can help. For example, if you think you could be deficient in vitamin B or iron, supplement your diet by eating foods rich in them such as meats, eggs, spinach, apricots, brown rice, fish wheatgerm. You might also consider asking your doctor if it is appropriate to take a dietary supplement.

If you think the cause is the more obvious one of regular wetting of the mouth that is causing the infected split lip, then try to remove the source of this. You can have a brace or dentures corrected and try painting pens and fingers with bitter substances intended for stopping nail biting. If you can prevent moisture and air reaching your infected split lip, then any bacterial or fungal infection will die.


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