How To Choose The Best Time Of The Year To Go Bass Fishing

Bass fishing is just one of the many types of angling. You can find bass in rivers, lakes, streams, fresh water, and salt water basically anywhere that there is water you can find bass to catch. As long as there is food, oxygen, and cover there will be bass present when you are fishing. If you are fishing in a river with a lot of mangrove cover and trees with roots digging into the ground you will find and catch bass.

Even though a bass loves crawfish and it’s the favorite food they will eat anything from snakes to rats and that’s not listing all the things in between like insects, mice, lizards just anything that could fall in the water a bass would more than likely eat.

If you want to find the right bass hole then you need to get a depth finder and all the gadgets so you know how cool the water is and how deep you are. These game fish want เกมยิงปลาออนไลน์  the water to be cool because cooler water equals more bass since they thrive in the cooler water that has more oxygen in it. If you were to go fishing in the spring or early summer you might catch a few but from September to about November you should be catching them like crazy if you are in good cool water temps.

A bass is like a hunter, they will ambush the food in which they are trying to get and eat. For these game fish to live they need to be in cover and if they feel like they are able to be seen easy they will move to get better cover. Cover is the main thing to a bass if it thinks that another fish can spot him out and see him he will move to better cover. They want to take good cover because that is their nature to be an ambusher that is the only way that they can catch their food because in their little habitat they are pretty big fish that can be seen fairly easily.

So if you are trying to catch one of these aggressive game fish you need to think like them and fish where there is lots of cover and shade and where you know that they are and where they would hide. If you go in the middle of summer then you are not likely to catch any and are only going to sweat and not catch anything at all. You want to fish for them in the cooler months of the year so they are in well cooled water and can take cover. The more oxygen the cooler the water that is what a bass is always looking for is more oxygen. Where you find a drop in temperature is where you will find big fat bass just hiding and taking cover.


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