High Blood Pressure Worries

Can we hope?

High blood pressure is a serious concern to millions, as it can kill with little notice, this is genuinely scary to me so off I went to do some research. High blood pressure has been called the silent killer that often has no symptoms, that was even more scary! There must be a sensible hope despite the information that high blood pressure may be stealthily involved in the following:


  • Raised coronary heart problems
  • Risk of congestive heart Blood balance failure
  • Increased risk of strokes


What Is IT?

To be put simply “high blood pressure” is the force of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps blood. If this pressure rises and stays high over time, it can damage the body in many ways.

Everybody at some stage may experience circulatory problems, the majority of times it is only for a short amount of time. Many other people though, must cope with this sensation on regular basis. This condition, called intermittent claudication, is caused by lack of blood to the problem area. This can be due to hardening of the arteries. There are many other forms of circulation problems.

A boost in circulation and blood flow through the body will have many health benefits, such as healthy legs and veins, healthy breathing and respiratory function and healthy joints and connective tissue. A boost in circulation and blood flood flow will also help in reducing high blood pressure.

Is There a Secret? We Don’t know!

Are we missing the natural secrets about our wonderfully brilliant designed body. It is only natural to want to hunt and hope for a wise help support on this issue… well that’s my opinion. So hunting on further… if we look at high blood pressure as a symptom, we can then look for the underlying reason first. Viewing it as a symptom has a different perspective. Many don’t even realise or view high or low blood pressure as a disease. The Western mindset has an automatic-like habit of throwing drugs at any problem rather than taking time to look for the underlying problem. So many are only “band-aiding” health issues, rather than reversing the underlying problems and blockages that are limiting the potential power of our beautiful body’s.

List of Possible Side Effects:

My friends tell me of the following side effects from their blood pressure drugs such as:


  • diarrhea or constipation
  • Smelly body odour
  • Weakness
  • Weight gain
  • Kidney failure
  • Headaches
  • Light head and dizzy
  • Impotence
  • Teary and even severe depression
  • Liver damage
  • Eye sight damage


That’s utterly dangerous and horrible in my opinion. My family used Chinese herbal pills in the past years called Ping Ya that were based on well known, effective Asian medicines. They always reversed blood pressure issues safely and quickly. Another one of my mother’s health finds in downtown Melbourne. Anyone can be clever like my mother, and search for natural remedies for hypertension, especially on the internet-library today.

Solutions I Have Found:

By keeping the arteries clear of sticky muck then they can be both open and youthfully flexible. This will make it easier for blood to flow the way it perfectly designed to do without increased pressure.

Aloe Remedy – “Miracle Plant”

I have found on the internet researches that the use of pristine quality aloe vera may help to keep them steeled in clean order as well as boost the overall health condition naturally. I have even come to crave the taste of the natural aloe vera juice and all its benefits. By choosing a pristine aloe vera, supports the rebalancing of high blood pressure. Vast reports on the aloe vera plant demonstrate the value to the immune system and the restoration of high blood pressure balance whilst regular daily use can help revitalise natural good health.

Aim – Protect and Strengthen Heart:

Your arteries and muscles (the heart is a super muscle “machine”) need vital oxygen-rich blood to flow to keep the heart strengthened and protected. This may be assisted by taking several daily drinks of Reishi and taking some tips from the efficient honey bee along with a good source of superior Omega 3. The use of bee pollen and bee propolis has been long considered a support and protection for heart health.

“Herb of Immortality”:

The Reishi herb is a red mushroom that is traditionally referred as the “Heavenly Herb” or the”Blessed Herb” or the Herb of Immortality. Those are strong words from old Asian records to denote the power they consider the reishi herb to have to radically increase the dynamic power of the immune system and lower blood pressure. It is commonly identified as Lingzhi (Ganoderma Lucidium) and found naturally on plum trees. This reishi mushroom is known traditionally for its anti-tumour and blood pressure lowering as it helps the immune system. Reishi is classified as a superior herb and is therefore known to be non-toxic and with no side effects. It is highly acclaimed in Asia for its benefits to promote long and healthy life and used extensively to balance blood pressure. Since 1972 the Japanese began harvesting this amazing natural product in large numbers for the large scale world demands for reishi. It is possibly the hidden secret for balancing blood pressure. Researchers have found that it boosts the liver function and oxygenises the arteries throughout the entire body. The plaque build-up in the arteries adds pressure and the reishi herb helps to decrease this to enable the blood pressure to balance.

I have been using reishi for over 30 years so I am a fan of “The Herb of Immortality”. In fact, I prefer to start the day with a reishi tablet combination with Ginkgo Biloba along with numerous cups of chocolate reishi with ginseng throughout the day. It is normal then for me, and so many others too, to use this normal natural herb for the good norms of blood pressure health in the well-designed body.

Garlic Remedy:

In United States the role of garlic as a blood pressure remedy has been studied on record since 1921. Garlic is a powerful support to the heart. Garlic has been found to aid in health blood pressure and aid in decrease of plaque build-up in arteries as well as boosting the immune system of the whole body. Adding garlic to the diet is easily and tastefully done.

Not a doctor…

I am definitely not a doctor or a licensed health operator. But I am like you with a good brain that sees my beloved family and wonderful, dynamic friends needing the time to help find the facts on blood pressure issues. So on my website you will get my opinions,the facts I find and the solutions we use. It is then up to you to make your own wise decisions or consult with your medical doctor on blood pressure issues. Fair enough then! We are wonderfully made to last well so there must be more each one of us can do about blood pressure issues.


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