Google+ Authorship and Your Blog

Are you using Google+ Authorship to boost your page ranks and overall traffic?Google Search Scraper Saves Search Results in a Spreadsheet

Serious, this tool has a ton of hidden potential as it links your verified post to your Plus profile allowing anyone who sees your content listed in a Google Search result to see other articles you have written in that niche. It’s such a powerful branding tool in terms of it’s potential to highlight you as an expert on your most blogged topics.

Guest Bloggers – Make sure the blogs you post to have Google Authorship support google scraper.

Likewise even popular forum software now offer a plugin to allow you to attribute your post to your author profile. Stamping your biography and social footprint to your post is basically added free promotion of you as an author and expert. Every little name tag with profile link is another way to gather leads and make lasting connections.

Verified Authors have clout, in the blogsphere having a repository of your works can determine the caliber of offers you get to guest post and even the asking price you can get for writing paid reviews and sponsored placements can get a boost. If you are like me in terms of blogging I have written probably 4,000 post over the last 11 years. Thanks to Google authorship at least 200 of my latest works are attributed directly to me and can be found by searching my name or plus profile.

If you write on the same topic often enough you can dominate a page not only in terms of owning every link on page 1 of a search result but also in terms of being the most sited author for that topic.

Who said it first?

As a professional blogger I am sure you have come across your content being used on other sites without proper attribution. With Plus Authorship Google is told immediately that this content is yours and appeared at this site first on this day at this time. The potential is that you will eventually avoid duplicate content penalties because Google will know your content from Joe scraper site’s re-published version.

What I would really love to see with Google+ authorship?

I can’t wait until this service is adopted by Press Release sites and all Article Directories to promote syndication of valuable content. When I can post to EzineArticles and have the original post marked as unique content attributed to me, then subsequent copies of my post no longer diminish the ranks of the original content authorship will serve me well. Not saying we aren’t there yet but nobody is saying how deep the relationship goes or exactly what every benefit entails.

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