Get Free Internet Data With Telenor Answers 1 January

When was the last time you got your own Telenor Answers? I mean really, when was the last time you received one? Well, maybe it’s been a while but I think I received mine on a Saturday afternoon after work. It said: “Happy New Year – marked the start of your new year on a fine day. Get your own Telenor Answers now.”


So I logged in and guess what? There were two choices in the box. The first one was: “Get your own Telenor Answers today.” The second one was: “Follow this link and receive your first free teleseminar login.” Both options worked, so I decided to give it a go and see what happened.


So here goes. According to the calendar that my free teleseminar provider set for me, it’s now February 1st. So I logged in and pressed the button for the first option: “Get your own Telenor Answers today”. Then I hit “next” and so did my other three options. Only after reading the prompts did I recognise that I was not answering questions from the telecom software.


In fact, all I was looking at was the tenor Answers section on my calendar, nothing more. I clicked on the link to the right of the image of the calendar (which was a logo of sorts). The next screen was a software quiz answer page, which asked me to choose an answer. After that I clicked “next” and so did the rest of the interface. But, I wanted to know if I was actually getting paid for answering the telenor app quiz answer section, or if it was just an automated process.


After clicking through a few screens telenor answers, I hit the back button on the keyboard, and the system crashed. I clicked on the telenor Answers link again and got this error message: “Sorry, your entry is invalid. Please try again.” I guess they meant that I wasn’t registered to be a member when I pressed the submit button, but I thought that my question should have been allowed an answer or two in either case.


When I clicked the submit button, I received this message: “Your application has expired. If you would like to continue your telecom app participation, please click on the link below.” I was wondering why I was being asked to pay for the answers to my questions when I joined the site as a free user, but I just decided to go ahead and submit my information anyway. My email address and name are also included in the registration process, so I guess they wanted to make sure that I was still there when it closed out. I don’t know how I’m going to get free mbs now, but at least I was able to have an answer to my burning question about the future of telecommunication.


My other questions were whether there were other types of questions or answers other than the one on the telenor app, and will they still be available in the future. They did not reply to my questions in detail, but they did suggest that maybe I could consider joining other free services that are currently available on the internet. I’m curious to see what else they have in store for me! I’m hoping for some great deals on TV shows, music, films, books, and more.


I was a little curious myself and found the whole site quite interesting. It is a very reliable source of information, even if I am not the one asking for advice. I am sure they will be able to add more content to the telenor answers 1 January application in the near future, since it’s such a popular one. I was a bit hesitant to give my email address out online, but I definitely plan on keeping my name and email address as one of the many contacts of the site. I do hope they add more options for getting free internet data in the near future!

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