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The first and most important character in our interpretation of the Tarot is the” Empress” or “High Mother”. This is the character of the goddesses who holds the important place in any pantheon of archetypes. The most common image of her is a woman with the head of a deer, the body of an ox, and the tail of a ram. In Tarot readings the Empress is represented by a woman in meditation and prayer, standing in front of a closed door. She holds one of the Two Keys (the golden crown) and has the face of a conqueror or ruler.

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From this description it is easy to see that our preferred interpretation of the Empress is one of strength, power, and steadfastness. This is the ideal image of the Empress as depicted in many Tarot decks, and this interpretation would make sense if the meaning of the Tarot cards were as relevant to daily life as they are to the ancient Greek gods of wisdom and practical experience. This is the Tarot card suit of the Empress, who rules the home is ruled by the Empress. The Empress is at the helm, commanding the gates, directing the army and inspiring her troops. There are many aspects of the Empress image in the Tarot, and the meaning of the various cards varies according to the context in which it is used.


If the Empress is the main focus of the spread (card) then her image is represented by the top card in the Minor Arcana, which is the Princess of the Water Pool. Her dress is white and modest, her hair is pale and gentle and her eyes are blue. She stands in the west with her arms crossed over her chest. Her tiara is shaped like a heart, the feathers of which rest upon her shoulders. She holds a sceptre, which represents justice and equity and is associated with heaven. As the Empress rules the water world, her followers must be true to her ideals or face the lash of her displeasure.


In relation to the Empress, the next card in the Minor Arcana is the Queen of the Ocean. Her dress is bright and cheerful, and she is smiling as though something funny had happened. Her hair is black and her skin is as polished as the sands of the beach that she rules. Her weapon is a knife but it can also be a staff or a trident depending upon the readings of the tarot.


The third card in the Minor Arcana is the Goddess of healing. This woman is dressed in white and her hair is in a pigtail style. Her body is flawless, even as she stands beside the Empress. Her symbol is the hand of healing and she encourages the reader to touch the heart of all who cast their spell upon her. If the Empress is prominent in the reading, then the Goddess’s symbol, the hand, will also be prominent in the wearer’s card.


The final card in the Minor Arcana is the Goddess of prosperity. The Goddess’s garb is rich with jewelry and her head is adorned with a tiara. She holds two coins and they both stand upright. Her wand appears to be made of gold but if the kite symbols are prominent in the reading, then the tiara and the coins will represent the sun and the moon, the element of fire and the human spirit.


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