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Online degrees information are available across a number of levels and from a horde of subjects. University online degrees have helped to better the career prospects of millions of individuals worldwide and their flexible features have definitely made pursuing higher degrees feasible even for the working professionals. These degrees are blessed with a number of characteristics that have made this genre all the more popular. Some of the significant ones have been mentioned below:

– University online degrees come with a package that is simple and cost effective. Most of the online universities offer courses that cost much less as compared to the on campus university degrees

– These degrees are available across a number of subjects and fields to choose from. Some of the most popular ones are MBA degrees, Education degrees, Nursing degrees, Computer Science degrees and even Web development degrees.

– University online degrees are also available across a number of levels. From online degrees information related to bachelors degrees to masters and from associate degrees and a variety of certificate courses and diplomas to the doctoral and PHD level degrees, the variety available is indeed large and impressive.

– These degrees are offered by some of the most well known colleges and universities that are of international repute and therefore the recognition of these degrees and their value can be very well gauged.

– As online degrees are accompanied by flexibility of study hours and schedule, working individuals as well as home makers can also comfortably opt to enroll into any of the degree courses, according to their convenience of time. Theoretical as well as practical education information is given to the students here and technical knowledge that helps is solving market issues are also imparted as well.

– The study material and teaching aids are regularly updated and always available in the internet and one could access these any time to read or even attend audio lectures while preparing for the universities audio degrees.


Get Your Degree Through Distance Learning

Getting your degree through distance learning can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Education at the post-secondary level certainly has its challenges, but it brings with it tremendous rewards, not only upon completion, but also during the process of obtaining it. If you are an adult who left school several years ago, it might be difficult to view matters in such a positive light, particularly if you try to compare yourself to the young people entering university right out of high school.

You might wonder quite naturally how you are supposed to compete with these younger, more energetic, and seemingly better prepared students. The answer is that you are not, because your circumstances are very different. There is no question that a university degree is a tremendous asset in today’s society. More and more, employers in all sectors, whether business, industry, or government, irrespective of the types of jobs that they have to offer, expect that candidates will have acquired an undergraduate education.

Often these potential employers are less interested in what specific subject matter you have studied than they are in the fact that you have developed certain transferable skills through the process of completing your program. Among other things, these skills include time management, as well as increased facility in written and oral communication. Also, a person who has successfully completed four years of university brings maturity, a level of self-esteem, and a capacity to learn to the work environment

In years past, those, perhaps like you, who entered the workforce directly after high school acquired some of these skills on the job, but with the broad range of challenges facing employers these days they have raised their expectations with respect to what constitutes an employee worth investing in. If you did not have the opportunity to obtain a degree right after high school, you can now do so through distance learning.

Completing a university degree through distance learning allows you to pursue studies that will enhance your job prospects, teach you to learn, build your confidence, and make you more competitive in the job market over the long term. You will no longer have to feel that younger and better qualified people are passing you by, capitalizing on the desirable promotion opportunities, while leaving you in a dead end situation with few prospects.

You will also signal to your employer that you understand the reality of today’s job market, and that you are serious about maintaining and improving your position. Pursuing your degree through distance learning allows you to accomplish all of this in a manner consistent with your lifestyle and in such a way as to minimize disruption with work and family obligations.

You will feel better about yourself and your enthusiasm and sense of accomplishment will rub off on those around you, including family, friends, and co-workers. By your example, others will come to see the benefits of working towards a degree through distance learning, and you will come to appreciate just how multi-faceted the benefits of higher education can be.


Online University Degree

Today many people are well educated and adequately certified because of the availability of online university degrees. People can simply sit and enjoy the comfort of their houses and earn these degrees. These degrees are equally reputed like the university degrees. There is no distinction between the two when it comes to quality. Both the young and the old can apply for the online university degree courses. This is absolutely no age bar and time limitations. Professionals involved in any kind of work or business can easily earn this online university degrees

But there are some guidelines one needs to follow while availing this facilities and a certain amount of academic qualification is required to qualify into this online degree programmers. His facility has numerous benefits like it saves a person from transport costs, minimizes day to day hazards of traveling and communication, diminishes road mishaps and accidents, reduces confrontations and complications. There are numerous universities which provide online degrees for the convenience of common people. Some of them are: American Sentinel University, Aspen University, Ashford University, Argosy University, American Intercontinental University, Abilene Christian University, Azusa Pacific University, A.T. Still University Of Health Sciences, Bellevue University, Benedictine University, California State University, Canella University, City University, Colorado Technical University, Columbia Southern university, Decry University, Drexel University, Everest University, Franklin University, George Washington University, Golden Gate University, Winston Salem University etc

These universities offer online bachelors, masters, doctorate degrees in almost all streams like psychology, liberal arts, culinary arts, game art and design, graphic design, interior design, multimedia and web design, engineering studies, gerontology, family and community services, advertising, marketing, information technology, political science, economics, criminology, sociology, public relations, human resource and many other streams including management as well.

Certain universities also give loans to the citizens who are willing but economically incapable to avail their online courses. These universities also give scholarships to their students especially to the intelligent and under privileged students who wish to earn their online university degrees.

Like it’s said, “there are two sides of a coin”, so it becomes obvious that apart from advantages and profits there are certain major and minor drawbacks of these online university degrees. There are certain misleading and fake websites which make very appealing and promising advertisements regarding online courses, people who get into their traps suffer huge losses in terms of money and time and at times this breaks their confidence and they start doubting other online degree programmes also. Hence one must be very careful while applying to these courses and avail only those courses which are affiliated to renowned universities.


How to Find Math Answers

Math evokes different reactions among people. Most see it as a necessary skill we use almost everyday while a few are enthralled with the principles, rules and possibilities that math offers. Most students tend to be a turned off by the subject. Whether you like it, hate it or love it, there is no denying the vital role that math has. Even people who have not learned math have an understanding of the concept of numbers, addition, subtraction etc.Free Vector | Maths chalkboard

Math is a vast field and often all it takes to develop interest is to find the branch or area of math that interests you. For some its algebra, for many its geometry while other students may find statistics and profit and loss lessons to be of more value. Students can learn to do well in math, especially if they have a thorough knowledge of the basics. Start early to develop a positive attitude towards math and students will most likely carry that interest throughout high school. Parents can help children take an interest in the subject by involving themselves with the math lessons and helping them find answers to math problems. Starting from first grade, it’s a great idea for parents to spend some time reviewing math concepts and homework with their kidsCours particuliers Maths. Encourage them to apply what they learn to common situations so that concepts become clearer.

Enhance their learning by using math games and activities which include the whole family. Continue providing the extra math help as students advance through the grades; this will help students form sound study habits and regular effort and practice is the number one method to doing well in math. The positive attitude that students develop towards math and the great grades they’ve been scoring in middle school will help them perform well in high school math. Solving plenty of math problems for practice helps students improve their problem solving skills. One of the problems students face is finding the right answer when they are solving math problems.

Answers to math problems can be found online on a number of sites and services. The quickest method to find free math answers is to use an online calculator. Input your problem and you will have the right answer within minutes. This is a useful tool if you want to check your work or need to find an answer pronto. Math answers for algebra can be found on online algebra calculators which can solve any algebra equation or word problem. Online tutors work with students and help them solve the problems and arrive at the right answers. Students can also get their homework corrected by online tutors and correct any mistakes.


Education – Fundamental Right of Every Child

“Education is a human right with immense power to transform. On its foundation rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development.”Education can't wait - Editorial - The Jakarta Post
-Kofi Annan

Education is an act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical potential of an individual. A vital element to balance the societal factors, education contributes to the economic development of a country. Countries without educated population cannot foresee and implement the best policies necessary for the growth of an otherwise developing country aiou tutor.

The battle to make elementary education imperative for everyone was started by the great son of India, Gopal Krishna Gokhale about hundred years ago. He urged before the Imperial Legislative Assembly to confer upon the Indians the Right to Education. It was only after ninety years in August 2009 that the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act was enacted by the Parliament.

According to this act, education is declared as a fundamental right for all children of the age group of 6 to 14 years, irrespective of any caste, color or creed. The Right to Education provision eliminates discrimination in the educational system at all levels, thereby, setting standards. The fundamental right to education is explicitly set out in Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 14 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. This act also ensures that private school needs to reserve at least 25 percent seats for the students of weaker section.

However, the fundamental right to education can only be considered accomplished when it strictly adheres to the “4A” components, which precisely refers to Availability (free education), Accessibility (non-discriminatory system), Acceptability (culturally acceptable content) and Adaptability (evolve with changing times).

The free and compulsory education gives children the required sense of independence and empowers them to make a respectful livelihood on their own. One of the recent initiatives of the Indian Government launched in 2001, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), universalizes the elementary education by community-ownership of the school system. It aims at allowing children to learn and become proficient in their natural environment in a manner which allows human fulfillment in a holistic sense. The scheme under the fundamental right of education also include facilities like free school books, uniform and mid day meal.


Online Education Eradicates Illiteracy All Across the Globe

The impact of computer can be seen in every respective field either in business or jobs. The computer has brought several changes in various fields. Now one can communicate with other by internet via mail, chat or webcam. The education has brought revolutionary change in educational fields. The education with the help of internet based training program has open door for online education. The online form of education has helped in reaching education to every niche of world with the help of computer connected with internet connections. The electronic form of education has eradicated illiteracy and work for better in economic growth and improving infrastructure. The online form of education features electronically supported learning and training. The curriculum is simple and comprehensive and education approach is possible through modern devices and latest gadgets. The content of learning is delivered via internet, intranet or extranet, audio or video tape, satellite TV, and CD-ROM in the form of text, image, animation, streaming video and audio.

The online educations courses can be delivered by web-based learning, computer-based learning, virtual classroom opportunities and digital collaboration. The education is supported by electronically supported learning via internet, intranet audio or video tape, satellite TV, and CD-ROM. The material is available in the form of text, image, animation, video and audio. One can attend orientation classes or watch training program conducted by virtual instructor. The advancement in technology has brought rapidly change in education and now one can gain pick comprehensive learning program available in online education colleges according to their conveyance or need. The candidate can acquire desire education of famous university with the help of online form of education. The global form of education has solved out the barriers of education of remote locations. Now they can gain knowledge and attend virtual classes and take help of world class faculty via mail or text chat message or other means of social networking sites lầm bằng cao đẳng chính quy.

The courses offer multiple options to choose or select. One can do management or complete their engineering degree or diploma by online university. The online education has made possible for getting education of secondary school or higher qualification. One can get job all over the world with the help of online degree courses as it contains value and recognized all across the world. For professionals, online degree offer opportunity for better career options. The employee can improve their job profile or can bring changes in it. They can get promotions with degree of higher qualification. As earning an online education degrees would not bring any barriers in working profile, same time you got degree of higher education while working. So one can feel that such degree give learning while earning. Also it add bonanza in profile as experience keep on persisting with degree educations. The professional can bring improvement in job profile and can gain promotions in designations and increment in salary. As individual growth counts for nation development so country can improve their educational structure and count economic growth.


Online Christian College Degree? Expand Your Faith

Considering an online christian college degree? A lot of people are now exploring online learning in christian schools. In particular, theological degrees are one academic career path that’s quite popular.

Deep rooted with bible teachings, a christian online college degree offers you a great way to earn your religious degree without having to sacrifice family or work. If you were not able to attend college after high school, but you still dream of earning a college degree, your best way to get one is through an online college.

An online christian degree allows the student to have a greater understanding of God and the teachings in the bible lam bang dai hoc. On top of that, the learner gets to attend class at the time most convenient time. Of course, it is fairly easy to absorb all your lessons when you are relaxed. Learning is maximized when the student is ready for the lessons.

There are numerous degrees available in an online bible college ranging from AA, BA/BS and Master level degrees. And each degree is at par with its counterpart at the traditional colleges.

Online colleges give you the same quality education that the traditional colleges and universities offer. The increasing popularity of the online colleges nowadays made the prestigious colleges and universities each to offer online courses also.

The lifestyle we have at present made it possible for online colleges to flourish. Individuals who do not have the time to attend classes physically in a college campus now have a way for them to earn a college degree of their choice.

Do you feel that you have the calling to serve God as well as your fellow man and wan? Do you want to be well prepared when you immerse yourself in church work but you have other commitments that hinder you from doing so? Well, an online christian college degrees may definitely be for you. Online degrees will not make you adhere to a rigid set of schedules instead you get to attend classes at the time you choose.

Start with your online christian bible college degree today! There is no reason for you to put off starting your college education any longer. Earn your online christian diploma today so that you can fulfill your dream of serving God and attending a spirit filled today.


The 10 Highest Paying College Degree Jobs

With today’s economy getting a decent paying job is important. A degree can help you to get a high paying job. Consider the following top ten highest paying college degree jobs.

1. Computer Specialist

A computer specialist which can earn up to $60.000 a year with as a college graduate. Depending on who you are hired by your job can involve a lot of functions that can range from technical support to setting up network security. When it comes to this computer related field most hiring managers prefer individuals with an associate college degree lam bang dai hoc.

2. Nuclear Technician

A nuclear technician which also makes close to $60,000 a year as a college graduate. In this field you are responsible for monitoring radiation and operating nuclear test and research equipment. You will also be required to sometimes help nuclear engineers or physicists with their research projects. For this career you should pursue an associate degree in an applied science or specific technology.

3. Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist which makes about $58,000 a year as a college graduate. This is also one of the fastest growing fields in the United States today that requires a college degree. As a dental hygienist you will be responsible for cleaning teeth, taking x-rays and educating clients about preventative care. Those who want to become a dental hygienist must pass a written ad clinical exam from an accredited dental hygiene school.

4. Radiation Therapist

A radiation therapist which makes about $57,000 a year as a college graduate. These individuals administer therapy to individuals who are suffering from tumors or cancer. You typically need to graduate with an associate college degree from a radiation therapy program.

5. Nuclear Medicine

A nuclear medicine technologist which makes over $55,000 a year as a college graduate. These individuals administer diagnostic tests that require radioactive materials in order to monitor organ functions. For this career individuals need a degree in nuclear medicine technology and licensing.

6. Fashion Designer

A fashion designer which can make up to $55,000 a year as a college graduate. These individuals stay up to date on all the latest fashion trends, design new clothes, select color and fabrics while oversee the production of clothing items. Typically these individuals have a college degree in fashion design or fine arts.

7. Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technician

An aerospace engineering and operations technician which make about $52,000 a year as a college graduate. These individuals are responsible for constructing, testing and maintaining aircraft and space vehicles. The degree for this job is in engineering technology.

8. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

A diagnostic medical sonographer who makes over $52,000 a year as a college graduate. These individuals are specialized in using the medical machine known as ultrasound. There is a degree in sonography available at many colleges.

9. Registered Nurse

A registered nurse who makes over $52,000 a year as a college graduate. These individuals help to treat sick, injured and convalescent patients. You need to pass a national exam and have a degree in nursing.

10. Engineering Technician

An engineering technician which makes about $50,000 a year as a college graduate. These individuals are responsible for doing a variety of research and development tasks. Often a degree in engineering technology is required.


A Course in Miracles Is Seeing Others As Brothers

In the article on, “A Course in Miracles is Brotherhood,” we discussed the key metaphysical ideas used by the ego portion of the split mind for separation. By viewing others as separate, and using the ego to replace the love of God, we end up in special love or hate relationships. Ultimately, to see another as a brother means we must give up all judgments because we now choose to see the truth about them and ourselves. You can only see who your brothers are, and by default who you are, acim through relinquishing what you judged and made true through error. Error hides truth. Seeing is knowing which reveals truth.

ACIM vs ACOL – Is ACOL related to ACIM? | A Course of Love

The ego uses a variety of predictable patterns because the basis of its thought system is judgment whose origin stems from sin, fear and guilt. Judgment is always one or the other. As you perceive a brother through judgment, you will project and judge on that brother until you perceive the results back. Once those results are perceived, you will use perception repeatedly to project and judge them even more.

Unfortunately, this uses both sides of the ego wrong mind and compounds the original error until the truth is well hidden. Handing over judgments for correction (forgiveness) stops the cycle.

Holy Relationships:

The ego uses special love and hate relationships, as well as specialness (being different), to keep the illusion of separation going. Use of these types of relationships as cause, is also the ego mind as cause; and the effect is to continue separation between brothers because they are based on the original separation. Remember cause and effect: The mind you choose from, as cause, will result in the corresponding consequences (effect).

This is not about you having to be alone or avoid relationships in life. It is, however, all about how you enter and use them within the mind.

The choice that will set you free is to choose to have your relationships be Holy Relationships. You must be the person practicing forgiveness in all of your relationships, even if you are the only one. It is “special” until you turn it “Holy.” To see another as a brother, a prerequisite to going home, is True Perception which shines a light of truth on you both. The ego cannot prevail against Oneness because it is not real.

Form and Content:

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is very clear that form does not matter. There is nothing in ACIM about behavior and when you judge a brother on his or her behavior, that is the same side of the ego mind. They may be acting from the ego “wrong” mind; but you are judging from the ego “right” mind. To the ego, one judgment is the same as any other.

What the Course says is that content matters. Content is the mind. ACIM concerns itself with you understanding that you can choose the Holy Spirit Right Mind as your internal Teacher thereby producing a different cause and effect.

What you or another does in form (behavior) does not matter. However here are two questions to ask yourself:

When I acted, did I act from the Holy Spirit Right Mind? (Content)
Is my interpretation of my brother from the Holy Spirit Right Mind? (Content)

You won’t have peace unless you can answer “yes” to both. Choose again if you need to. It is never too late.

There is Only One of Us:

When you judge a brother, you are using the ego mind as cause for that judgment to become a real effect. This is why we emphasize that what you see in another needs to be forgiven in yourself first. Here’s why: (1) You cannot see fault (judgment) in another unless you chose from that portion of the split mind to begin with; (2) You cannot judge what you don’t already believe to be true as it is based on the mind you chose from; and (3) Judgment about another is a statement of the guilt retained in your mind from the original separation because you are choosing to use the ego mind. It is where you are still holding onto fear and guilt instead of choosing correction (forgiveness) for the truth.

Absolutely anyone who shows up and provides you with a chance to heal your mind is a gift you can use. Turn it into a Holy Relationship. This is how you will return your own mind to God, and how others eventually see it for themselves. Hold the light of forgiveness which gives all minds an opportunity to make a different choice. Judge and they run and hide further into darkness and error.

A Call for Love:

Attack is a conscious mind behavior based on projection, judgment and perception. The ego’s point is to protect separate identity and therefore, all attack is really a call for love, or forgiveness, which is joining. The more determined you are to know the truth about yourself and a brother, the more you will choose against the ego’s attacks in favor of correction (forgiveness) from the Right Mind.

Responding with love can mean many things and sometimes, it can even mean no response. Other times, you might need a boundary or to take some action. To respond with love, you absolutely must be practicing forgiveness and using the Right Mind to turn over all attack and judgment. The Holy Spirit will give you a solution if you completely turn to that Right Mind for help. “Completely” is the key word.

Eventually you see no attack (error) occurred and that is to know the truth about you and your brother. There is no defense necessary (“defenselessness” on the Split Mind diagram). When you share your willingness not to see error, you have shared what you want to keep and learn for yourself. What you share you find you have.


Sharing means to allow yourself to give to another what you want them to have. Your only reason for doing this is because it is what you want to have for yourself. You are teaching them what you want to be yours. Teaching is instruction of ideas and principles. Do that and you will find you have it because you’ve literally said, “Give back to me what I’ve taught you.”

The metaphysics are simple:

Judge – and that is what you are sharing and expecting to have back.
Love – and that is what you are sharing and expecting to have back.

Another way to consider the idea of sharing is this: (1) Sharing is your decision (choice) on who you believe yourself to be by the content mind you choose as cause; (2) What you share as cause replies as the effect; (3) You teach a brother to give you that cause as your effect; and (4) You find you have it, and keep it, because it originated from the split mind as cause and is now returned as effect.

Ideas do not leave their source. Your choice as the content mind as cause is always: (A) The Holy Spirit Right Mind for correction; or, (B) the error of the ego mind.

It’s as simple as that. Sharing is a choice of mind with corresponding results and is based entirely on what you think you have as being true within that chosen mind. Ego mind has limits. God mind is knowledge which is heaven and oneness.

Seeing a Brother:

By now you’ve hopefully begun to realize that you must be the one to change your mind about your brothers to see them as brothers. Relinquishing judgment ends separation and reveals the light of the truth about us all: Your brother is you.

When you make all your relationships become Holy Relationships, you have entered through the keyhole of a doorway to freedom, love, peace, joy and happiness. Abundance lies here in sharing Holy interpretations from the Holy Spirit, God’s solution in the mind. Choosing this as cause, you share with your Holy Relationships those effects so that all minds can be healed and return to their rightful place with God.

Let me ask you to consider this: Through a brother, you see your own guilt (judgments) and what needs to be forgiven in yourself because therein lies the mind you chose as cause. Sharing means giving and teaching what you want to keep for yourself and expect returned to you from your brother as effect. Then, who exactly would you be doing all this with? We perceive, judge and project and as we do, it is returned through our brothers as they are perceived in the mind.