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Are You Conquering Your Competition With A Killer Keyword List?

I have spent literally hundreds of hours reading books and
implementing what I’ve learned into the strategy I’m about
to give you. I am passionate about what I do, and hopefully
over this article some of that passion will bleed onto you. database keywords list

It is very important that you spend the time it takes to
thoroughly review the keywords in your market before you
spend hundreds of hours optimizing your pages, garnering
back-links, and submitting to directories.

Building a Killer Keyword List

You can always take your best guess at what keywords people
are using the most to find a product or service, but there is a
far more efficient way of doing this. There are many tools out
there that cut down the time investment considerably. I can’t
stress enough the importance of an exhausting keyword list. It
is campaign-suicide not knowing every last word people use to
find your product. If you don’t get any other thing out of this
article let this sink in: Go the extra length to find hundreds if
not thousands of keywords in your market. I’ve worked on
websites that have 40,000+ keywords. If you follow my
advice in this article you’ll be able to generate keyword lists
in the thousands with very little effort.

Note: It is important to use a bevy of tools when compiling
your list, each software has its own strengths and

Here are the tools to build a large list of keywords:

WordTracker offers a free trial (most people use
WordTracker’s $250.00 subscription) although it is one of the
most acclaimed keyword research tools in the industry it does
have its limitations. The thesaurus and misspelled tools are
really good for bringing unique variations of your keywords to
the table. But those last two options aren’t available in the
free version.

Overture Keyword Selector Tool’s free search count data is far
more accurate than any of the other tools. Use WordTracker
to find many variations of keywords but don’t trust its “count”
and “predict” data. Rely on Overture’s Keyword Selector Tool
for accurate search counts.

Note: I would multiply Overture’s keyword search data by 5x’s
to gauge the demand on Google, and then by 8x’s to gauge
what the total search demand is amongst all search engines
for that word.

Google’s Keyword Suggestion Tool also brings some unique
keywords to the mix. It might be a good idea to add each
individual keyword you get from WordTracker & Overture
into Google’s suggestion tool and see if there’s anything you
are missing.

Note: Google usually suggests keywords you would not
typically find from the other two tools.

Now, look at every individual page of your site as its own
entity. Write down 5 words or phrases that could describe
each page on your website. Then take the words and
phrases you’ve come up with, use each one individually
by entering it in the above tools. I would write an
extensive “how to” guide on how to use these tools, but if
you can use search engines you can use these keyword
search tools.

To cut down time considerably I use new software. It
has become a standard in the industry; it’s an all in one
tool that gathers keyword data from all 3 of the tools I
mentioned above. You simply type in a “main keyword”
and it searches the databases of Overture, Yahoo, Google,
WordTracker, and even your competitions pages for
keywords. It than combines all of these keywords for
you, and puts them in notepad.


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How to Select the Right SEO Promotion Firm For Your Website

Search engine ranking of your website can help your business to generate more clicks and sales. It has emerged as one of the top marketing tools for businesses which are focused on online promotion of their business websites.7 Ways to Increase Sales Using SEO | DMI

More and more companies are allocating budget space than ever toward SEO promotion and marketing. SEO Optimization of your website can help to improve the volume of online traffic by improving the SEO rankings of your website on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing buy quality backlinks.

There are several SEO companies from India which are offering different types of SEO promotion services to customers around the globe. As per the study conducted it was found that 90 percent of the online traffic remains on the top page 1 and most of the people do not venture beyond page 2 while searching for any service or product.

But SEO promotion and marketing isn’t as easy as it may seem. It demands a host of strategies to help climb the search engine ladder to page 1, which includes content revision, link building, coding, and even social networking.

Any SEO company whether it is from India or located worldwide must adhere to the Google guidelines and must devote time to clearly understand objectives of your business before embarking on your SEO project. Before you plan to hire an SEO Firm from India for the online promotion of your website there are few questions which you must ask your SEO Company before hiring them. Some of these questions are as given below:-

a) Determine and cross-check keywords suggested by your SEO Firm. You can cross check statistics of different keywords suggested by visiting Google Keywords Suggestion Tool to determine whether keywords suggested by your SEO firm will bring any potential clicks or not.

b) In most of the cases SEO Optimization requires several changes to the website. Therefore, you have to be prepared for these changes. However, you must ask for a detailed explanation of each and every change which your SEO Firm has suggested.

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How to Use a Free Bitcoin Generator

Bitcoin is the new cryptocurrency designed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2007 and was brought into existence in the business-world in 2009, widely accepted by a large number of investors as it promises the higher return on their investments. Bitcoin is used in many countries as an alternative currency. Many bitcoin companies have been established expanding their customer base in various countries by providing lucrative returns and easy convertible policy. A bitcoin generator is becoming a new trend that gives twice or thrice time the sum invested.

Companies are giving security base to their investors still it is influenced by market fluctuations, and the most modern software and hardware solutions, making it understandable to common people bitcoin companies are earning millions of dollars by encouraging their customers to invest more and more and giving higher returns on their investments Bitcoin Evolution Review.


In order to learn how to use a free bitcoin generator, first open the bitcoin software on your desktop screen. Now connect it to your internet server, as it is secured and anonymous you can easily generate or double your problem without any trouble. So the main step in doubling your bitcoin is to first deposit the sum. For depositing the money, you need to enter your bitcoin wallet address in the deposit bar. Now your wallet window is opened, from there transfer your sum to the deposit bar. For this purpose, click on the send button and paste your bitcoin deposit address to send the money to the bitcoin software for doubling your amount. You will see a notification of successful payment transfer in your bitcoin software window. Now, this bitcoin currency will get converted into the software currency, after a few minutes the amount will be doubled automatically. Now click the button deposit, to view the amount deposited and the money doubled. Afterwards click on the button refresh, to get the full summary of your transaction, for example, if you deposited 0.10 bitcoins the amount doubled will be 0.20 bitcoins in your wallet. Now to withdraw your bitcoin money, you need to go to your bitcoin wallet, from there click on receive button and copy the address popping on your window. Next step is to paste the address on withdraw bitcoin bar and click the withdraw button. The whole process will take some time, but after the completion, you will see a notification popping on your screen stating “Bitcoin received” and bitcoins will appear on your wallet.

A bitcoin generator is a simple way of earning easy money. Bitcoin functions on the basis of the cryptographic protocol. Bitcoins are the symbol of currency through which user makes the transaction of receiving and sending the money in bitcoins instead of actual money. Bitcoin generators are a programming software that doubles or triples your bitcoins in 5 to 10 minutes with minimal balance in your bitcoin wallet. There are many companies offering a free bitcoin generator, but before investing do the thorough research as many of them are frauds. Bitcoin is the new currency for the new generation and has a wide scope in coming future.

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Google Analytics ‘Not Provided’ – The Future For SEO Keywords

If you’ve been looking at your keyword data in Google analytics, you will of course be aware of the frustrating ‘not provided’ section. Sadly it’s becoming much more dominant in terms of percentage and we suspect the future outlook is bleak; with all keywords being hidden from SEO professionals. Google’s decision not to display this data could be more detrimental than either the Penguin or Panda updates were. Many websites suffered terribly when these updates were rolled out, many of which have still not fully recovered.3 APIs for Automating Keyword Research | by Derek Hawkins | The Startup |  Medium

How will this affect how you do your SEO in future?

Accepting that keyword data will be going for good is a start. Try to ascertain the best approach to this new playing field; delve deeper into page metrics and performance to see what the real driving force of your website revenue and conversion is keyword research tool api.

Are keywords still important?

Absolutely! Keyword searches are what users type to find things, unless something really radical in search happens I don’t see that changing. You will still optimize your pages for key phrases and monitor your page rankings, if you can see you rank well for a term you optimized on, then there’s a good chance that’s the keyword that’s driving your traffic for that landing page.

What other methods and tools can be deployed to get around the ‘not provided’ issue?

Google Webmasters is a good place to start but has its limitations. You can’t compare years, nor can you access data more than two months old. However there is additional information provided which isn’t in your analytics, so it’s well worth looking. There is also useful data on video, image and mobile search too. Google Core reporting API is another useful tool for getting the data into Excel to extrapolate your data.

What is the impact in terms of reporting?

Anyone who has used an SEO agency knows that keyword rankings dominate the reports so this will affect reporting immensely. Clients will need to be educated and convinced that it’s due to the SEO team’s efforts in writing, syndicating content and social media that is actually driving the traffic.


Content is king, as we all now know, and this change validates that strategy now more than ever. Writing great and compelling content will not only improve your rankings, it will force marketers to be more creative and produce better websites. I can see why Google has made this decision, but I will sorely miss having access to my keyword data.

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WordPress Hosting With InMotion Web Hosting

With all the web hosting services around, choosing the best hosting company is not that easy at all. However, if you know what you want and what you need, you can easily establish a set of criteria which will guide you in selecting a hosting company.

6 Best WordPress Hosting in 2020 (Top WordPress Hosting Comparison)

The important factors that should be considered in choosing a web host include bandwidth, disk space, domain, supported features, and of course, cost. On the other hand, most website owners today give more importance on the support features that hosting services offer, most especially WordPress.

WordPress is actually a powerful publishing platform that is preferred by most people because it offers a publishing experience which is pleasant, appealing top wordpress hosting, and easy. It is most often used as a blog publishing application which is powered by MySQL and PHP. Due to its user friendly features, WordPress has become very popular with bloggers and webmasters. In fact, it is the most popular Content Management System today.

Since most websites require Content Management System, WordPress is hosted by most web hosting companies including InMotion. InMotion is a web hosting company that has been delivering quality services since 2001. Aside from the awesome features that InMotion offers, the company also offers outstanding customer support. Moreover, they offer a wide range of products with affordable and reasonable rates. To top it all, every hosting plan comes with a 24/7phone and email support.

In addition, InMotion offers four different plans which are just perfect for various hosting needs. One of these is the personal web hosting plan which is cheap and affordable. Basically this plan is sufficient for web page hosting and small scale hosting needs. However if you have bigger hosting needs, you can opt for the virtual private server, or dedicated server.

Moreover, another amazing feature of InMotion’s WordPress hosting is its hosting community which houses various forums and discussions on various issues concerning WordPress. As such, you can find a lot of information as well as discuss with other members some challenges which you might be experiencing. Moreover, you can also learn some tips, techniques, and updates in this hosting community.

On the other hand, this web hosting company has become popular for its WordPress Hosting as well. Since hundreds of thousands of web designers and web developers are working on WordPress plugins and templates, this has become an important consideration in choosing a web hosting company.

Generally, WordPress blogs use RSS feeds which often end up in traffic. Thus, in order to ensure the success of these blogs, you should choose a hosting service that makes WordPress hosting simple and easy. Because of the size, quality, and location of InMotion hosting, you can be up and running in just a few minutes. To top it all, with this hosting service, you are confident and assured that all of your hosting needs are satisfactorily met.