Canning Jars: The Old Fashioned Way of Preserving Dry Foods

Food drying is an economical way of food preservation where food is dried in an air-tight container. Drying slows down the development of mold, yeasts, and bacteria during the removal of moisture from the food. There are many methods to dry foods like fruits, vegetables, meats, etc. Dried foods can be preserved for as long as one wants to keep them or as short as one likes.

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Dried fruits are one type of dried foods that can be stored for a long time because they have almost no moisture in them. Fruits are still in a pliable state after being dried, and thus they can be stored easily. The process of drying fruits involves removing moisture with high temperatures and then storing these in dry metal containers. Most fruits have a brown color to them when they are completely dried, but the colors tend to change as the foods are stored.

Dried meats are another type of dried foods that can be used as a food preservation method. Moisture is retained in meat, but its flavor is also preserved soft dried pineapple. When dry cured beef, pork, venison, or chicken is made into jerky, it retains a moist and flavorful texture. Fish dipped in a mixture of lemon juice and white wine or garlic mixed with white vinegar are good examples of this type of food drying. Other types of fish such as cod, striped bass, salmon, etc., can also be made into dried foods.

Dried vegetables like raisins, dried apricots and dried peas are examples of dried fruits. Dried vegetables retain much of their moisture because of the loss of liquid and water content during the drying process. They retain their shape and nutrient content. When these are made into salads or baked, they retain their vitamin and mineral content.

Dried fruits are also made into dried foods through canning. Dried fruits retain most of their moisture when they are placed in canning jars. Dried apricots, peaches, apples, pears, dates, grapes, raisins, etc., can be canned and preserved to provide long-term freshness. Dried foods can be prepared as cookies, cakes, puddings, custards, or ice cream. Food canning jars are used for making dried fruit spreads, candy bars, gelatins, mayonnaise spread, and salad dressings.

Many kinds of dried foods are available both fresh and dried in the grocery stores. In addition, many canned goods come in dried form. The canning jars are used to preserve raw foods and fruits for long-term freshness. It is important that before using any type of canning jars, one should research the canning instructions to ensure safety.

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