Best Fat Burners For Best Way To Lose Belly Fat

Do you remember when we used to be athletic and strong? Back in the days when we didn’t have computers,video games or television to watch? I don’t remember either but in the early caveman days our ancestors were all athletic and strong with little fat. The reasons behind this is because of needing to be very active and involved in anything they wanted accomplished. There was no remote controls or eBay back then for your shopping needs. If you wanted to eat you had to go out and hunt for it yourself! Today we have an answer to almost all of our problems either in some sort of pill or readily available to get. This brings us into the topic of fat burners.

What are Fat Burners?

Almost all fat burners are pill or capsules that contain a variety of long named herbal ingredients. Which until recently we probably never heard of or knew anything about. These new ingredients claim to boost energy, aid in increasing metabolism and suppress appetite. All of which would result in losing fat right? Well, that is partially true…

Do they even work?

This is a subjective answer at best. The ingredients in fat burners are somewhat new or not much research done behind it. Which means there isn’t any clinical studies done on “human” participants to show the benefits. While some ingredients do have fairly good research backing them up, most are simply the Acidaburn newest fad. This isn’t to say that fat burners are a complete waste of money though. You just have to shop according to your needs.

Best fat burners

Choosing anything as “best” will always leave someone unhappy so I’d rather recommend you to the ingredient profiles of these fat burners. Always make sure to do your own proper research into the supplement profile. If there is a really long name you cant pronounce then it’s most likely not that important to your weight loss goals. Look for the most economical and high reviewed product!

Alternatives to fat burners

While fat burners can range in price from anywhere to 39.99$ or more for a 30 day supply, there are some other options when looking to shed those excess pounds. That my friends is, DIET! I’m sure you’ve guessed by now but yes if we properly tune our diet then we can achieve impressive results without the need of fat burner supplements.

First things are to discover your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), that is the calories per day needed to maintain your everyday life functions. After we add in daily activity level we can come to an estimate on how many calories per day is needed to maintain your weight. The tough part is always being in at least a 360 calorie deficit of that number. Limiting fat intake to less than 75g per day is highly effective as well. The reason why we tend to gain weight quickly is because of eating foods high in saturated fat or carbohydrates.

If you eat a food that has a high fat intake, majority of those grams of fat will be stored AS FAT. They won’t be broken down for energy unless you have zero carbs in your diet. Carbohydrates is always the first choice of glycogen production in the body, while fat is secondary.

So what happens if you’ve got a lot of fat surrounding your belly? Well one of the best ways to lose belly fat is by doing cardiovascular activity at least 4 times a week for 1hr per session. I know that may sound intense but if you only workout 3 times a week for 30 minutes that’s just a waste of time. Your body needs to burn enough calories so that the stored fat can be used as a secondary reserve for energy production. If you don’t push hard enough you wont get to that point of ignition. Keeping your heart rate within 55-85% of MHR (Max Heart Rate, Formula estimate 220-age) is also very important to keep the body in that target zone for maximum calories burned.


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