Best Acne Medications – Top 3 Acne Medications on the Market

So how old are you 20, 30, 40…regardless the teenage years have past and this acne thing should have past too. But it has not, and, right now you are in the prime of your life, having fun, successful career, new baby, exciting relationship or peaking in your business. But with all that you still have these zits, and as minor a problem as other people seem to think they are, these same other people don’t have to put up with the daily shame and physical pain. It’s embarrassing…believe me I know…and the worst part is those people without acne want to give you advise. Telling you don’t pick them…or you eat to much chocolate…or you exercise too much. What do they know anyway? Please do not listen to anyone except your doctor. The truth is no one knows how you feel except some one who has the same problem….someone like me.

So you are here because you have not been to see your doctor yet and you think that you might be able to solve this acne problem yourself. Well if you have mild to moderate acne, quite possibly you are right. If however, your have sever acne in the form of cyst please stop chasing every quick fix tube of gunk on the web and do go and see your doctor…save yourself the disappointment…wasted time and money.

But if you are like me with mild to moderate acne you have come to the right place. You see over the last fifteen years I have tried every quick fix acne product with much disappointment. But through trial and error I did find three acne medications that are really worth their salt. I did do some research before trying them and I did cautiously read what other people were saying  Derma Prime Plus about them on the internet. Truth of the matter is if you want your acne gone and you do not think that your problem is severe enough to RISK the side effects of the acne medicines that your dermatologist might recommend then you must try what I think is the Best Acne Medications on the market. So without further delay here they are:

Zenmed Derma Cleanse (a powerful blend of herbs and acne medicine)

Clear Pores (herbs and acne medicine)

Murad (another product that combines the effectiveness of herbs and acne medicine)

Are you seeing a trend here? They have finally figured out that acne medication alone on the outside is not enough. All of the top acne products have the same concept i.e. fighting acne from the inside out. So what’s the difference between the three, price, how long it takes to work and you? I personally recommend Zenmed Derma Cleanse and Clear Pores. But with your money back what do you have to lose really, only your acne.

And I know that if you have had acne for a long time you probably have tried all sorts of products in the past, but I promise that after fifteen years of acne problems and several visits to the dermatologist I know what is the Best Acne Medications on the market…wouldn’t you like to be acne free, visit my lens Effective Acne Treatments [] to read more about these products.

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