Is J.P. Morgan in debt? (2024)

Is J.P. Morgan in debt?

According to JPMorgan Chase's latest financial reports the company's total debt is $436.53 B. A company's total debt is the sum of all current and non-current debts.

How stable is JPMorgan Chase?

Credit Ratings
Long-term issuer ratingAa3AA
Short-term issuer ratingP-1F1+

What is the debt ratio of J.P. Morgan?

The debt/equity ratio can be defined as a measure of a company's financial leverage calculated by dividing its long-term debt by stockholders' equity. JPMorgan Chase debt/equity for the three months ending December 31, 2023 was 1.30. JPMorgan Chase & Co. is one of the largest financial service firms in the world.

How strong is J.P. Morgan bank?

The firm operates the largest investment bank in the world by revenue. It occupies 24th place on the Fortune 500 list of the largest U.S. corporations by revenue. In 2023, JPMorgan Chase was ranked #1 in Forbes' Global 2000 ranking.

What is the total liabilities of J.P. Morgan?

Total liabilities on the balance sheet as of September 2023 : $3.580 T. According to JPMorgan Chase's latest financial reports the company's total liabilities are $3.580 T.

Is my money safe at J.P. Morgan?

JPMS is a broker dealer registered with, and regulated by, the SEC. In compliance with the SEC rules and regulations for the protection of customers, JPMS maintains all customers' Fully Paid and Excess Margin securities as required under Rule 15c3-3(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

What is the weakness of J.P. Morgan?

Weaknesses. Regulatory Challenges: As a global financial institution, JPMorgan is subject to complex and evolving regulatory environments in multiple countries. Compliance with these regulations can be costly and time-consuming, potentially impacting the company's operational efficiency and profitability.

What is the financial health of JP Morgan?

JPMorgan Chase Balance Sheet Health

JPMorgan Chase has total assets of $3,875.4B and total equity of $327.9B. Total deposits are $2,400.7B, and total loans are $1,344.9B.

How much cash does JPMorgan have?

Cash on Hand as of December 2022 : $567.23 B

According to JPMorgan Chase's latest financial reports the company has $567.23 B in cash and cash equivalents.

How much money would JP Morgan be worth today?

Upon his death in Rome on March 31, 1913, J.P. Morgan's net worth has been estimated to have been about $80 million. In 2022 dollars, that's equivalent to about $2.3 billion, though some speculate that his fortune at the peak of his career might have been worth as much as $60 billion in 2022 dollars.

Is J.P. Morgan doing well?

JPMorgan's annual net income is expected to surpass Bank of America (BAC) by more than $20 billion. It will also likely be more than double the annual tally of Wells Fargo (WFC) and quadruple the net profits of Citigroup (C), according to analyst estimates compiled by Bloomberg.

Who is bigger J.P. Morgan or Bank of America?

JPMorgan Chase is the richest bank in the U.S., based on Federal Reserve data for consolidated assets. It has over $3.3 trillion in total assets, more than any bank in the country. Total assets include everything a bank owns, from loans and investments to physical assets like buildings and equipment.

Does J.P. Morgan have a good reputation?

J.P. Morgan has an overall rating of 4.0 out of 5, based on over 24,157 reviews left anonymously by employees. 81% of employees would recommend working at J.P. Morgan to a friend and 80% have a positive outlook for the business. This rating has been stable over the past 12 months.

Does JP Morgan have a strong balance sheet?

What do we mean by our “Fortress Balance Sheet,” and what makes it unique? There are two key attributes that have enabled us to be consistently strong through the years: Loan-to-deposit ratio—This is used to measure a bank's liquidity.

How much does JP Morgan hold in assets?

JPMorgan Chase had $3.7 trillion in assets and $303 billion in stockholders' equity as of March 31, 2023. The Firm is a leader in investment banking, financial services for consumers and small businesses, commercial banking, financial transaction processing and asset management.

How big is JP Morgan balance sheet?

Fiscal year is February-January. All values USD Millions.20232021
Net Property, Plant & Equipment30,15734,958
Other Assets (Including Intangibles)223,689214,896
Other Assets167,830163,699
Intangible Assets55,85951,197
38 more rows

Who owns J.P. Morgan?

What happens to your money when a bank closes?

If a bank closes, what happens to your money depends on whether the account is sold to another institution or the FDIC takes responsibility for paying out depositors. In most cases, accounts are sold to another bank, and you will automatically have access to your funds at the new institution.

Where is money safe if banks fail?

If the bank fails, you'll get your money back. Nearly all banks are FDIC insured. You can look for the FDIC logo at bank teller windows or on the entrance to your bank branch. Credit unions are insured by the National Credit Union Administration.

What is the biggest threat to JPMorgan?

It's not just deteriorating economic conditions that worry Dimon. In 2019, he described the threat of cyber attacks potentially being "the biggest threat to the U.S. financial system." This led the bank to have more engineers than massive big tech companies such as Google or Inc.

What is JP Morgan infamous for?

J.P. Morgan was known for reorganizing businesses to make them more profitable and stable and gaining control of them. He reorganized several major railroads and became a powerful railroad magnate. He also financed industrial consolidations that formed General Electric, U.S. Steel, and International Harvester.

Is JP Morgan hard to get a job at?

JP Morgan is one of the world's largest and most prestigious banking firms, so the competition for roles is fierce. JP Morgan is also known for its rigorous, intensive, and selective hiring process. It has extremely high standards in terms of talent acquisition and job candidate selection.

How many sick days does JPMorgan give?

JPMorgan will increase sick days for full-time employees to 10 days from six and bump bereavement to 20 days from 5 for the loss of a spouse, domestic partner or child, or in the case of a stillbirth or miscarriage, according to a copy of an internal memo sent to employees Thursday.

What illness did JPMorgan have?

His deformed nose was due to a disease called rhinophyma, which can result from rosacea. As the deformity worsens, pits, nodules, fissures, lobulations, and pedunculation contort the nose.

Where does JPMorgan get its money?

JPMorgan Chase participates in acquisitions, divestitures, and mergers with other companies. The bank earns revenue through advisory services, transaction fees, and financing arrangements for facilitating these corporate deals.


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