Do most millionaires drive expensive new cars? (2024)

Do most millionaires drive expensive new cars?

You might think that if money wasn't a problem, people would be cruising around in luxury cars like Mercedes, Bentleys, or even Ferraris. However, the truth about what wealthy people drive might surprise you. A 2022 study by Experian Automotive discovered that many wealthy individuals don't actually drive fancy cars.

Do most millionaires drive expensive cars?

A recent study by Experian Automotive found that many wealthy individuals don't actually drive fancy cars. In fact, for those with a household income above $200,000, 61% choose to drive non-luxury brands like Toyotas, Fords, and Hondas.

Do most millionaires buy new cars?

Millionaires spending and budgeting isn't just limited to clothing and groceries but also to automobiles. While it's easy to think that millionaires all drive sports cars and live in huge mansions it's just not true. 81% of millionaires purchase their vehicle and only 23.5 percent actually buy new cars.

What is the most common car driven by millionaires?

According to the aforementioned 2022 Facebook post by Ramsey, the top 10 car brands driven by millionaires are:
  • Toyota.
  • Honda.
  • Ford.
  • Lexus.
  • Subaru.
  • BMW.
  • Acura.
  • Hyundai.
Sep 26, 2023

Do millionaires usually drive new cars True or false?

Millionaires usually drive new cars. False—Less than 25 percent of millionaires drive a current-year car and more than half drive a car that is more than two years old. Many millionaires drop out of college to start work. False—Four of five millionaires are college graduates.

Why rich people don t drive fancy cars?

Depreciation: Luxury cars lose value fast, with some models depreciating as much as 72.6% over five years. Maintenance and insurance: Luxury cars often cost more to maintain and insure compared to economy cars. Repair costs: Luxury cars can be more expensive to repair once their warranty expires.

What cars do upper class drive?

The top 10 cars for $250,000-plus households include the Mercedes E-class, the Lexus RX 350 and the BMW 5 series and 3 series. Following those top four were three Hondas, a Toyota, an Acura and a Volkswagen.

How is everyone affording new cars?

Since the median individual income in the U.S. is less than $45,000, most people don't have that kind of cash lying around to buy cars outright. That means they're going to finance, stretch their payments out over five years or so and pay a whole lot of interest along the way.

What cars do smart people drive?

The most intelligent drivers include those that own MINIs, Mazdas and Toyotas. White and grey cars are driven by smarter people. MINI and Mazda drivers scored highest on the IQ test, followed by Toyota, Mercedes Benz and Nissan drivers.

What car brand do most millionaires own?

In Stop Acting Rich, I mentioned that Toyota was the number one make of motor vehicle most recently acquired by millionaires. More than one in ten drive Toyotas; among millionaire engineers it's one in four!

How old is the average millionaire car?

They noted that only 23.5% of millionaires owned a car from the current model year. In fact, 55% of millionaires owned a car older than 2 years old. Half of doctors aren't even millionaires. In fact, a large percentage of doctors in their 30s still have a negative net worth.

What car does Buffett drive?

Warren Buffett's choice of vehicle has become a topic of interest among many people. Renowned for his frugal and simple lifestyle, the billionaire investor drives a 2014 Cadillac XTS.

What price does the typical millionaire pay for a car?

Also, I mention the median price paid for the most recent motor vehicle purchased by a millionaire was $31,367 [for decamillionaires-$41, 997]. It is understandable why so many people relate wealth with the price tag of a motor vehicle.

Are new cars now toys for the rich?

New cars are now toys for the rich as average monthly payment doubles: 'A new car in every American's driveway is not the world we live in' The average monthly payment for a new car has soared to a record $777, nearly doubling from late 2019, according to Kelley Blue Book owner Cox Automotive.

Do millionaires have car payments?

Millionaires Avoid Car Payments

And more importantly, 8 out of 10 millionaires buy their cars with cash and don't have a car payment to worry about. In fact, research done by Ramsey Solutions found that non-millionaires are twice as likely as millionaires to have outstanding car loans.

Why rich people buy cheap car?

For some, driving a modest car is a conscious choice to maintain a low profile, avoiding the potential pitfalls and pressures that can come with overt displays of wealth. Most millionaires are undercover; you never even notice them. This is most true in the early stages of their wealth-building.

Is Lexus a rich person car?

Is Lexus a Luxury Car? Is Lexus a luxury car? The answer is yes — Lexus is the luxury brand of Toyota. That means that Lexus models maintain the reliability of Toyota vehicles while demonstrating true luxury like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and other luxury auto brands.

Do millionaires drive impressive cars?

Most millionaires don't drive flashy cars. income in their entire careers. wealthy. Solutions.

Which car does Mark Zuckerberg drive?

Mark Zuckerberg – Pagani Huayra, Honda Jazz

The man who founded Facebook has a rather special car in the Italian, twin-turbocharged V12 Pagani Huayra. Cool, right? Well, you'd hope he'd use his billions to buy something more exciting than the Honda Jazz he's been spotted driving around in on occasion.

What car does Shaq drive?

Shaq O'Neal's custom Ford F-650 pickup truck has a 6.7-liter turbocharged diesel V8 engine with 725 lb-ft of torque and 300 hp. The engine has got a 6-speed automatic transmission. We don't know how well the heavy-duty Ford pickup truck works.

What kind of car did Mark Zuckerberg drive?

Mark Zuckerberg has owned an Acura TSX for years. When he bought it, the car had an MSRP of around $30,000. With our math hat on, we could tell you that's equivalent to roughly 0.00003 percent of his net worth. And yet, Zuck's reasoning behind his choice was pretty logical.

What car do middle class people drive?

See which vehicles made the list.
  • 2015 Toyota Sienna. Kelley Blue Book Price: $14,599. ...
  • 2015 Honda Odyssey. Kelley Blue Book Price: $13,340. ...
  • 2018 Honda Civic. Kelley Blue Book Price: $12,312. ...
  • 2017 Toyota Corolla. Kelley Blue Book Price: $13,779. ...
  • 2019 Mazda CX-5. ...
  • 2017 Toyota RAV4. ...
  • 2018 Honda CR-V. ...
  • 2021 Honda Accord.
Sep 5, 2023

What is the average income of a luxury car owner?

Geography matters when comparing vehicle ownership and “average household income.” Recently, Kantar Media TGI did research on luxury car owners for the New York Times. They found the average income for a luxury car owner was about $100,000, but that average ranged from $83,891 to $155,548, by state!

How much should I spend on a car if I make $100000?

How much car can I afford based on salary?
Annual salary (pre-tax)Estimated monthly car payment should not exceed
$50,000$416 per month
$75,000$625 per month
$100,000$833 per month
$125,000$1,042 per month
2 more rows
Oct 13, 2023

How much should I spend on a car if I make $200000?

According to our research, you shouldn't spend more than 10% to 15% of your net monthly income on car payments. Your total vehicle costs, including loan payments and insurance, should total no more than 20%. You can use a car loan calculator to calculate a monthly payment within your budget.


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