Zillow Rental Manager Review (2023 Updated) (2024)

Zillow Rental Manager Review (2023 Updated) (1)


Zillow Rent Manager is a basic tool that helps landlords manage their rental properties. It’s meant for landlords who want to automate the process of collecting rent payments and keeping track of tenants, but don’t want all the bells and whistles that come with full-blown management software.

What is Zillow Rental Manager?

Zillow Rental Manager is a basic tool that helps landlords manage their rental properties. It’s free to use, but it has limited features.

Zillow Rental Manager lets you create listings and ads that will appear on Zillow’s website, as well as collect applications and screen tenants. You can also use the tool to collect rent through bank accounts or PayPal.

Zillow Rental Manager Notable Features

Zillow Rental Manager is an online tool that helps landlords manage their rental properties. It allows you to view all of your properties, including their status and any additional details. You can also use the platform to communicate with tenants, set up automatic payments, and keep track of all maintenance requests or repairs needed at each property.

Zillow Rental Manager is easy-to-use because it has many features built right into the dashboard so everything is organized in one place. The website’s interface makes it simple for even first-time users who aren’t familiar with technology or real estate management software programs like Zillow Rental Manager itself!


  • Free to Use (sort of)
  • Syndicate property listings
  • Manage your rental property from your desktop, tablet or phone.
  • Tenant Applications and Screening



  • No payment controls. Unlike other property management companies, Zillow doesn’t allow you to set up automatic payments or recurring payments for your tenants. If a tenant misses a rent payment and you need to issue them a late fee, this can be difficult because there’s no way for them to make an online payment from their bank account or credit card. You’ll have to go through the hassle of manually collecting rent checks each month and depositing them into your own personal bank account (which may incur additional fees).
  • No credit reporting. Zillow does not provide any kind of credit reporting services for tenants who are looking for rentals through their service–and they don’t offer any tools or advice on how landlords should handle screening potential tenants either! While this may not seem like much of an issue at first glance (after all: anyone who wants an apartment will probably have decent enough credit), but what happens if someone applies without having been screened? Or worse yet: what happens when they lie about their income level on their application form? There’s nothing stopping someone from lying about how much money they make so that they can qualify for more apartments than they actually deserve based solely upon income requirements alone; this could lead towards situations where people end up renting out multiple apartments at once just because nobody bothered checking whether or not those applications were legitimate before approving them outright..


The Zillow Rental Manager is free to use, but if you want to add more than one listing, there’s a fee.

  • Free: You can create an unlimited number of listings on the site at no additional cost.
  • Paid: If you want to add more than one listing at a time or make changes to your account settings, there’s an additional $9.99 per week charge for each listing added after the first one.

Zillow Rental Manager vs. Payrent

PayRent is a rental management software that helps landlords and property managers manage their properties, collect rent payments and more. PayRent offers a few features that Zillow Rent Manager does not:

  • Prevent partial payments – If your tenant pays less than the full amount due, PayRent will automatically assess fees for late fees, returned check fees and other charges associated with collecting rent payments. You can also add extra charges for late payment or non-payment of utilities if you choose to do so.
  • Assess fees automatically with PayRent – With PayRent’s automatic billing feature, there’s no need for manual calculations or estimates when it comes time to billing your tenants each month; simply enter an invoice number into the system and let it do all the work!


Zillow Rental Manager is a great tool for landlords who want to track all their properties in one place. It’s simple and easy-to-use, but lacks some of the features found in other rental management systems.


Start collecting rent online in less than 5 minutes.

  • Control when and how renters pay you
  • Automatically remind tenants when rent is due
  • Accept bank transfers and credit cards

Zillow Rental Manager Review (2023 Updated) (2)

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Zillow Rental Manager Review (2023 Updated) (2024)
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