Unforeseen Incidents - 100% Completion Guide (2024)

Unforeseen Incidents - 100% Completion Guide (1)

This should help with some of the missables

Guide Contents

  • Chapter One
  • Chapter Two
  • Chapter Three
  • Chapter Four

Chapter One

Something Fishy

Feed the wettest guests.

When you reach the hotel, you will find some fish food in the reception area closet. Use it on the aquarium in the same area.

Running Commentary
Be a real sports fan.

Highly missable. There are two football fans in the basem*nt of the hotel, and a third in the junkyard. Throughout chapter one, you should visit all three of these people after key story moments and exhaust all dialogue about the game in progress. The order in which you complete these puzzles doesn’t seem to matter that much, the key is to visit after each puzzle is completed.

The below list may have more steps than strictly necessary but I advise you follow it so as to not miss anything.

  • The first time you meet them, before solving the puzzle with the VCR
  • After solving the puzzle with the VCR
  • After meeting the journalist
  • After solving the radio puzzle and hearing a message
  • After completing the faux hazmat suit
  • after fixing the car

Harper’s Round
Is anyone thirsty?

This one is also quite missable. To make sure nothing goes wrong, I recommend that you start working on this one after meeting the ill woman but before reporting back to the professor.

When you get to the hotel for the first time, try to order a beer from the bartender. You’ll be sent on a fetch quest for your ID (located in the pocket of the pants on the hanger in your bedroom), but he will give you a beer when you return. You should try to give this beer to everyone in town, including:

  • Yourself (?) (I don’t know if this affects the achievement. but you should also try to open the beer with the bottle opener in your multitool)
  • The bartender himself
  • The two football fans
  • The man at the front desk
  • The professor
  • The man in the junkyard? – You must ultimately give the beer to him to progress the game – but if you try to give it to him before he asks for it, you can’t. I do not know if you must do this step, but I did.
  • The reporter. Do NOT give up the bottle before you have met the reporter or you will miss this achievement.

Esteemed Ham
Receive a mysterious message.

Cannot be missed.

Chapter Two

Explore the local cuisine.

Pretty easy. When the farmer sends you on an errand to fetch him some food, simply order all items off of the menu in the diner.

Fox Hunt
Pinpoint the radio signal.

This is not missable.

Patron of the Arts
Show some interest in art.

This is earned by investigating all artwork in chapter 2.

  • The first batch of artwork is found in the diner, where three paintings hang on the walls.
  • The second batch of artwork is found outside of the artist’s compound, where there are four sculptures.
  • There are also various decorations in the ranger cabin – it is doubtful if these count, but if you don’t get it, also check all of these out.

Fire Safety Activity Badge
Develop survival skills.

This is not missable, and is earned shortly after solving the art puzzle. If you’re having trouble with it:

After getting the nature guide, read through it. Use the knife on the fungus on the tree in the cave to get some, and then use the knife on the fungus in your inventory again to scrape kindling out. Revisit all locations in the forest to harvest herbs and pick up sticks and stones. Spacebar helps find hotspots you can interact with. Be sure to find large firewood on one of the high mountaintops as well.

Return to the cave, and put the scraped powder in the firepit. Use the knife on the rock in your inventory that most resembles flint, and you should get a spark. Use the spark on the powder in the firepit, followed by the rest of the fungus, the small branches, and finally, the large branches.

Chapter Three

Extremely On Brand
Take an interest in the local economy.

Examine all branding logos found in Chapter Three:

  • The truck outside of the apartment: Logan Dee
  • The sign in the shop window: Vision Laser Printing
  • The camera shop window itself
  • Green sign on university wall – Aeolus Innovations
  • Anchor on your right as soon as you get to the docks – docks logo
  • Bar sign at the docks – Devil’s Cut
  • Napkins in bar – Bayer Catering (you may have to click these twice)
  • Sign in Bar – Il Capo
  • Sign in Bar – Carbon Neutral Ceramics co

Modern Man
Don’t open a door for a lady.

When you first reach the university and try to read the notice board on the left-hand side, you will be robbed. To get your items back, all you have to do is go down to the docks and confront the hippie there. However, after you get robbed but before you go get your items back, you should go back to the apartment to get clued in on a puzzle re: finding a warehouse. You do not need any items in particular to solve this puzzle, so don’t worry about your missing inventory. After the puzzle has been solved, you will reach the warehouse. As long as you lack your multitool, you will have no way of breaking in yourself. Try to leave the area via your map, and your companion will break in for you.

Always Ready To Help A Buddy
Be a good friend and stand by your word.

After borrowing the harbor pass and using it to complete the shipping crate puzzle, return it.

It’s A UNIX System! I Know This!
Be a true hacker.

Unmissable, earned while completing the story after breaking into the terminal following the pressure pad puzzle.

Con A Conman
Beat a scoundrel at his own game.

Unmissable, earned at the marina at the end of chapter three.

Chapter Four

Fuzzy Frequencies
Find a cozy place for your radio.

VERY missable. After you earn the radio from the fisherman and attempt to charge it, you will discover that it does not hold a charge. To solve the puzzle, you will have to use your multitool’s knife to sever the hood from the coat in the break room and place the charged radio inside of it. Before charging the radio for the first time, place the UNCHARGED radio in the hood for the “fuzzy frequencies” achievement.

A Bridge Too Far
Can you bridge the gap?

Unmissable. Earned for repairing the bridge just after reaching the mine entrance.

It’s A Trap!
Trick the guard.

Unmissable. Earned while entering the base.

Aquila’s Witness
A true disciple never forgets the five truths.

Save after meeting the professor in the base. When forced into the chair, select responses in this order:

  • Just try to breathe, Harper
  • Breathe In, Breathe Out
  • Toes… Feet… Legs… Arms
  • Man is a Predator
  • Blood is Cold
  • Weakness is Death
  • Obedience is Strength
  • Aquila Rising

The Handyman Who Went Out In The Cold
Escape before things get too hot.

Unlocked automatically at the end of the game.

Unforeseen Incidents - 100% Completion Guide (2024)
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