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Reviews 40% Audience Score Fewer than 50 Ratings After Fiona Lawson arrives home to find a family of strangers moving into her house and her husband, Bram, has disappeared, the couple tries to make sense of the events that led to a devastating crime and how they each are going to survive the truth. Read More Read Less Watch on Fandango at Home Buy Now

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Our House — Season 1

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Our House: Season 1 | Rotten Tomatoes (6) Graeme Blundell The Australian It’s expertly set up by Ashdown, who handles the juxtaposition between the past and present adroitly and keeps the suspense tightly controlled. Aug 10, 2022 Full Review Read all reviews

Our House — Season 1

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Cast & Crew

Simon Ashdown Creator Tuppence Middleton Fi Lawson Martin Compston Bram Lawson Weruche Opia Merle Rupert Penry-Jones Toby Bronagh Waugh Alison
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Episode 1 Aired Mar 7, 2022 Fiona Lawson arrives home to find strangers moving into her home, but she insists it isn't for sale; her failed attempts to reach her estranged husband, Bram, and their children only adds to her panic. Details Episode 2 Aired Mar 8, 2022 Le piège Fi is left reeling by Bram's apparent involvement in the house sale; in the past, Bram frantically covers up his part in the accident while attempting to mend his relationship with Fi. Details Episode 3 Aired Mar 9, 2022 Fi must come to terms with losing the house and attempts to find out more about Bram's whereabouts; Fi turns to her new partner, Toby, for support. Details Episode 4 Aired Mar 10, 2022 Fin de partie Fi finally discovers the truth behind the house sale and confronts those responsible; Bram must come to terms with his own actions. Details

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Our House — Season 1

Our House Our House Our House View more photos

Season Info

Sheree Folkson

Simon Ashdown

Executive Producer
Simon Ashdown, Belinda Campbell

Louise Candlish, Simon Ashdown


TV-14 (L|V)


Original Language
English (United Kingdom)

Release Date
Mar 7, 2022
Our House: Season 1 | Rotten Tomatoes (2024)
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