List of 5 Minute Crafts Cast and Member With Photos » Insanebiography (2024)

5 Minute Craft is a Huge Original Content Publishing Media Company. This Company Produces Content in 19 different languages, 5-Minute Crafts has more than 72+ million subscribers on YouTube, nearly 100m followers on Facebook, and 46+m on Instagram.

5 Minute Crafts is listed under “TheSoul Publishing,” a media company based in Cyprus. For a General I formation, 5 Minute Crafts Also has its SubChannels such as 5-Minute FUN, La La Life, 123 GO!, and 7-Second Riddles.

So, In this article, we are Going to See the 5 Minute Crafts Casts. This Include Members Names, ages, Roles, salaries, and More. Read the Complete Article to Know More about Your Favorite Cast Member.

List Of 5 Minute Crafts Cast Member

There is a total of 8 members on the 5 Minute Crafts YouTube Channel. Although there is Not Much Info about Cast Member, We Have Collected Some Information from All Over the Internet and We are Sharing that Information With You.

We have divided the Cast Member into two Different Sections, First One is For the 5 Minute Crafts Girls Model and Second One is For Male Cast Member.

5 minute Crafts Girl Name

There are total Number Of 6 Girl Cast Member in 5 Minute Crafts. They are Very Beautiful and talented.

Viktoria Novikova

List of 5 Minute Crafts Cast and Member With Photos » Insanebiography (1)

Victoria is a Very Famous Model, Actress, Dancer, and Choreographer. She has a Huge Fan Following Because of her Glamour Looks and Acting. Victoria Was Born in Russia in 1991 and her Age is 30. She loves Travelling and has Post her Travelling Journey on Instagram Highlights. Her Official Instagram Account is @vikkimila.

Victoria has More than 80K Followers on Her Instagram account. She also makes videos Videos on TikTok and Has More than 500 followers. Since She has Post Only 2 TikTok Videos. Her TikTok ID is @vikkimila5.

Lyubov Nazarkina

List of 5 Minute Crafts Cast and Member With Photos » Insanebiography (2)

Lyubov Nazarkina is One of the Most Beautiful and Talent Cast Member Of 5 Minute Crafts. She was born on 7 March 1995 in Russia and She is Currently 26 Year Old. Lyubov is Passionate About Acting from her Childhood. She has Also Appear in Some Big Screen Movies. She has a high Fan Following Among Youth and has More than 43K Followers on Her Instagram Account.


List of 5 Minute Crafts Cast and Member With Photos » Insanebiography (3)

Nora is Famous for her Acting in 5 Minute Crafts Comedy type Videos. She also Frequently Appear in Many Subchannel of 5 Minute Crafts Such as La La Life, 5- Minute Craft Girly, etc. She was born in Russia. Nora Love to Perform on Videos and Earn Lots Of Views. Nora is a Very Beautiful Girl Who has Cute Looks and Charming Smiles.


List of 5 Minute Crafts Cast and Member With Photos » Insanebiography (4)

Jess Mainly Appears in the 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY YouTube Channel and has a Very Strong Fan Following. She is One of the Demanded Girl on 5 Minute Craft Videos. One of the Famous videos of 5MC (5 Minute Crafts) is Instagram Vs Reality is Perform by Jess.


List of 5 Minute Crafts Cast and Member With Photos » Insanebiography (5)

Anna is one of the Hottest and Beautiful Models among the 5 Minute Crafts Girl Cast. She is a great Performer and has Lots of Fans All over the World. Unfortunately, We are Not Able to Find her Social Media Accounts.


Lea is also a Popular Model and Actor in 5 Minute Crafts and Collected Lots Of Followers. She is Very Talented and Appears in Many 5MC channels and Sub Channels. Sadly, There is Not Much information About Lea on Internet.

5 minute Crafts Boys Cast Name

Leo Arthur

List of 5 Minute Crafts Cast and Member With Photos » Insanebiography (6)

Leo is a Famous Actor from 5MC and Popular Known for his Couple Performance with Anna. He Mostly Used to Play Naughty and Crazy Roles on 5MC Videos. Her Chemistry with Anna is Superb and People Love to Watch them together in Videos.

Leo is a Young and Handsome Man with Fair and Clear Skin. His Video “If your love was a Person” with Anna has More than 40 Million Views all Over the Internet.


List of 5 Minute Crafts Cast and Member With Photos » Insanebiography (7)

Adam Used to Play Gentle and Humble Person Roles in 5MC Videos. He is also one of the Best Actors of 5MC and has a Good Enough Fan Following. One of his videos “ANNOYING THINGS BOYFRIENDS DO” has More than 6 Million Views on Youtube and 25 Million views on all Social Media Accounts Like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the girl from 5 minute crafts?

Viktoria Novikova is a Famous Girl from 5 Minute Crafts. She Also Appears in Many Sub Channels of 5MC Such as La La Life, 5-minute Funs, etc.

Who Own 5 Minute Crafts?

5-Minute Crafts has been a member of theYouTubecommunity since November 2016 and is owned by thesoul Publishing, a Cypriot company founded by Russian developers Pavel Radaev and Marat Mukhametov.

What is the Name of Female Cast in 5 Minute Crafts?

The Name of Female Cast in 5MC are Lyubov Nazarkina, Viktoria Novikova, Viktoria Novikova, Jess, Anna, Nora, and Lea.

Conclusion Of the Blog

So, this is the List of Most Famous 5 Minute Crafts Member and their Photos. We Know, Some Models are Missing and we have to provide a little bit of Information About them, We Will Definitely Update this article as soon as we Gather More information About 5 Minute Craft Cast. If You Know More about 5MC Cast Let Us Know in Comment Section. Thank You.

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List of 5 Minute Crafts Cast and Member With Photos » Insanebiography (2024)
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