An Unbiased Review of the RealMe 5 Phone

RealMe 5 Phone is one of the latest handsets from Samsung that aims to deliver high-end smartphone functionality at an affordable price. The device runs on the Android platform and can be used via an application interface on any of the popular browsers including Google Chrome, Android Kit Kat, Firefox and Opera. It also offers various unique features that are designed to help users enjoy the ultimate smartphone experience. The company claims that the RealMe 5 phone does not compromise on the quality of the user interface elements.Top 10 Realme 5 Tips, Tricks And Hidden Features You Should Know

The RealMe 5 Phone offers a 6.5-inch IPS LCD screen with a Full HD (HD) screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and a pixel density of 272 PPI. It also comes with a bezel-free design and a full-body water drop cover, which led to a much larger space especially for the rear camera. In addition, the front and rear cameras are the only parts of the phone where Samsung uses a slot for the micro SD card, which is capable of supporting up to two hundred and eighty megabytes of data. In total, the phone offers a four thousand mAh battery that offers users up to two hours of talk time on a single charge realme 5.

The RealMe 5 Phone has a dual-core processor featuring an ARM Cortex-A series running at up to two thousand MHz. The device is also enhanced with the Extended Battery Technology that offers users sixty minutes of charge time, along with up to twelve hours of power saving. The phone also features a quad-core Krait processor that has been designed to run the entire system with a single unit. As a result, it offers the best smartphone service support so far, along with support for GSM, CDMA, EDGE, and USB. The RealMe 5 Phone also comes with a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot and Bluetooth, along with support for HSDPA, HPU, and OMA. The RealMe 5 also has a sixteen-megapixel camera with auto focus, a nine-tone sound system, and a sixteen-megapixel video recorder that offer users two options for recording: either standard definition or high definition.

Although the device is manufactured and marketed by Samsung, it is not a replica of any South Korean smartphones available in the country. Rather, this is a new smartphone in the market and offers a lot of features that are incomparable to other devices in the same category. Starting from the launch of the device, the RealMe 5i was compared with the iPhone and discovered to have similar features and specifications. Though it was unable to match the iPhone’s pricing and features, it managed to garner a decent following in the Indian mobile industry, thanks to its unique blend of features and looks.

With its popularity continuing to rise, the RealMe 5 Phone has been included in many reviews, and it has been labelled as one of the best smart phone of all time. It offers a unique combination of a sleek and slim design along with an extremely powerful user interface, allowing it to compete with high-end smartphones like the iPhone and Android mobiles. The attractive rear screen, combined with rear grip and fingerprint scanner, allow the phone to offer a high level of efficiency and functionality, something that most smartphones cannot match with.

However, despite the fantastic features provided, the RealMe 5 Phone does not score too highly in the spec sheet of the smartphone, owing to its slow camera and fingerprint scanner performance. On the other hand, its four rear cameras are better than the others and perform just as well. The rest of the features manage to provide satisfactory performance, with the exception of the high battery capacity of the phone. The battery life is mediocre, but this could be attributed to the use of the internal single-core processor, rather than the dual-core processor used in the iPhone and Android devices. Despite this, the battery capacity is sufficient enough to last a whole day, enabling you to make the most of your smartphone usage. The RealMe 5 also comes with an alarm clock app, which works well, but only works with some versions of the phone.

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