Air Conditioners – How to Reduce the Running Costs by Half

In present day world, large numbers of people have made investment in one kind of air conditioner or another. Now we have either central AC units or windows AC units for our homes. They provide cooling to us in the hot summer months without any skip; but have you ever calculated as to what it costs to run an AC? In comparison to usual household fan, air conditioner unit consumes large amount of electricity for its operation.

When you use an AC, there are large number of factors which can affect its running cost. These may include the geographical location of your house, where cooling is being done, and total work which an AC unit has to accomplish to provide the cooling has a great bearing on the cost. Living in areas of mild summers and extreme winters will exert less load on AC than hotter areas where it will have to work overtime to maintain the comfort level 1匹窗口冷氣機.

The air conditioner efficiency rating has a major role to play in the amount of electricity it uses. So you must buy those air conditioners which consume less electricity and thus save you money. If your AC unit is 10 years or older, think of replacing it with a new one.

Another important consideration is the AC size versus the cooling load of the house. You must thoughtfully consider the total space for which you desire cooling when selecting the air conditioner for your house. Smaller apartment would just need one or two small ACs while a three bedroom house would not.

Thermostat settings of AC units affect the operating costs greatly. A higher setting will result in the less running of AC while any lowering of the same will result in more work for the Air Conditioning and hence larger electricity bills.

Also local electricity costs also has major influence on the running cost of AC, but unfortunately you have absolutely no control over this factor.

Make it a point to clean or even replace the filters of air conditioner every month. When not at home, raise your thermostat temperature.

You should firmly caulk all the doors, windows, as well as pipes to prevent the leakage of air from the house. You can make use of weather strips around the windows, pipes and doors. Get the ducks tested for any air leakage as leaking ducts can reduce your air conditioner’s efficiency by about 25%.

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