6 Tips for Selecting Travel Games for Kids

The right game is a lifesaver on a long trip but choosing travel games for kids can be daunting These tips will help you select the right game for your journey.

1. No loud or annoying noises. If the game is annoying in the store – leave it home (or, better yet, do not buy it). Some airlines restrict loud toys and video games that aren’t played with headphones. Also, if you bring a game that requires batteries to เกมสล็อตออนไลน์ operate, be sure to pack a spare set. For games with speakers and no head phone port, consider covering the speaker with one or two pieces of electrical tape to deaden the sound.

2. No games with lots of small pieces unless they are specifically designed for travel. Hit a pothole or spot of turbulence and the pieces will fall to the floor, likely lost in the cracks. Many games designed for travel have edges or pegs that help pieces stay in place. Be sure to include a bag for storage of the pieces if one isn’t included with the game.

3. Consider the game space requirements. Card/travel games may have elaborate boards or require a large space to set up and will not work in a small space. Even regular sized cards are challenging on a tray table or in a car.

4. Is the game complicated? Avoid games with pages of rules that take a long time to figure out. While traveling it is best to stick to games that are easy to figure out.

5. How many players are required? Try to find games that have both solitaire and group play options. This maximizes the utility of a single game.

6. Open the game before leaving home. Familiarize yourself with the rules and verify that all the pieces/components are included. It is very frustrating to open a game along the way and discover you are missing pieces.


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