5 Crazy and Common Reasons That Women Gain Weight and How to Stop Them

Most men and women are always going to be susceptible to gaining weight at some point in their lives, but due to the lifestyle that a majority of women live, it’s unfortunate that they are presented with far more opportunities to pack on extra pounds. Weight gain can not only affect your health, but also your marriage and social life.

Below, we’ll list five reasons that you may have never thought of, that will explain why you seem to gain weight so easily from living the lifestyle that you live. The good news? These habits can be changed pretty quickly and easily, so pay attention and see if any of these symptoms fit you.

1. Buying In Bulk Packs Or Pounds – Look, we all love to go to our local wholesale style grocery store, because they generally have fantastic prices on most food items because you’re buying in bulk. While that may be great for the wallet, it may not be so great for your thighs. When you see that you have a case of Popsicles in front of you, compared to just a box, it’s a lot easier to gobble down two or three of them and not feel bad about it. Keep an eye on bulk junk food purchases, or better yet, eliminate them.

2. Smaller Plateware – It may be a hassle and it’ll probably cost you a bit, but did you know that when serving food, the larger the plate, the more food you slop on to it? It’s true, and most of the time, you don’t need anywhere near the amount that Steroids for Sale you’re heaping on to the plate. The bonus effect is that if you do switch to smaller plates (which will equal smaller food servings), you’ll save money in the long run on groceries, and save a few inches off of your waist.

3. Leave The Kids Home – When you go out to shop for groceries, by all means leave the little buggers at home. As firm and strict as you may or may not be, you know that if the kids go, you’ll end up with extra junk food in the cart that you know you’ll end up eating right along with the rest of the family. Go shop by yourself and make smart choices.

4. Skip The Booth – When going out to eat, try and pick a table. Why? Picking a secluded booth that has more privacy may entice you to eat more, because you feel more comfortable and want to stay longer. It’s a lot easier to shovel down some dessert if you’re not in the middle of a crowd. Tables are still nice to eat at, and it will allow you to eat a balanced dinner and then leave.

5. Quit Peeking! – The more you open the refrigerator at home (especially after a grocery store trip), the more you’ll want to take a little snack out here and there. This can really add up to a lot of calories during the day, so try to limit how many times you open that fridge door, as it really does amount to a lot of unnecessary eating which will surely pack on the pounds.


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