3 Reasons Why Your Google AdSense Online Account is Disabled

Have you ever faced the situation to wake up one day to see a message to inform you that your account is disabled. So, why is your Google AdSense account is disabled? It is the question that I find quite often in many online forums that talk about making money using the latest top paying keywords. Before we list the reasons for this, let us first answer the question “How does Google make money?”

It is considered till the time of writing this article as the top search engine that almost each online business owner tries to advertise his business on it. It works on win-win bases, which offers benefits for both of them, the search engine and the advertiser himself Black hat forum.

The advertiser’s text will be shown on the search results each time a related query is carried out by the internet surfers in order to find more relevant information about a certain topic. Then, internet surfers will be directed to the advertiser’s website when his ads are clicked and then the advertiser will be charged a certain amount of money called pay per click cost.

I personally faced the problem of having an account that is disabled and I know how much frustrating this problem is. This is especially true, if you already investigated huge amount of time and energy to build your business and drive traffic to it. So, let us now investigate the possible reasons that lead to the situation titled by: “Google AdSense account is disabled”.

Reason (1): Clicking on your ads is the worst idea.

Some beginners think that working on the advertising program is the best opportunity that involves the usage of computers to make money at home and they are, from my personal point of view, right. However, they overlook a non-trivial point that this process has a lot to do with working hard and consistent to bring your business in front of other internet surfers.

They think that an ideal solution to overcome this problem is simply to click on the ads to earn the promised commissions. Briefly, you should never do this as Google is already aware of this problem and it can track the IP of the computer where the clicks were generated. If it always the same IP, then be ready to get a message with the title “Google AdSense account is disabled”.

One more tip is never to listen to these internet scams that offer you an IP changer as they are not much more intelligent than other search engines and sooner or later you will be uncovered. Additionally, it is much easier to drive traffic to your website and earn legal money with AdSense websites for sale than trying to cheat.

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